Friday, June 14

More than one way to get bloody

Tomorrow is the Pisgah Enduro, the fifth Pisgah Productions event of the season, and for me, the last of 2013.  I'm racing in the expert class, although I'm certainly no expert nor do I possess the appropriate bicycling device for this type of event.


Enduros are fun.  The ultimate penis measuring discipline in mountain biking.  I'm not sure how the women's classes will be decided.  Probably just time.

My stupid 32X16 single speed will probably handicap my measurement by one to three inches... give or take.  I never even got a chance to spin around on the gear to see how it feels.  Either go in with a clear vision or go in full Magoo.

There is a "no headphones" rule while racing.  Yes, that's mostly my idea.  I brought it up at TSE, and I brought it to Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever's attention.  I wear One Good Earbud in my functional ear when racing (and allowed by rules), but I think when you're gunning it for minutes at a time chasing down seconds, you want the guy in front of you to know that he/she needs to get the hell out of the way.

I plan on letting others know if I'm coming.

and if that doesn't work, maybe this will:

In the words of John Hammond, "No expense was spared."   Just like that, but the total opposite.  The free speaker I got from Pringles when I bought shit ton of cans for the 2012 Trans-Sylvania Epic held in place with a pink camo Mütherload strap.  Nothing says "Get outta my way!" like Hall and Oates blaring from the hobo sound system.

Ideally, I'd be on the road tonight after work headed to the campground to snuggle up on my fellow Faster Mustaches.

But I'm not.

This is the weekend of much jubilation in the house of Dillen.  Fajita's birthday is today, then Father's Day comes up Sunday, followed by my birthday on Monday.

So cake, ice cream, and a movie tonight.

Post-race beers tomorrow to celebrate all the celebrations.

Father's Day will be honored by dropping Fajita off at camp for two weeks (what a great dad I am, I know).

Monday, my actual birthday, will be spent with The Pie and a couple old friends.

Happy Ending and fermented Trader Joe's organic spaghetti sauce makes for a great Bloody Mary.

Tuesday I hope to make it out to the Faster Mustache/Gentleman's Ride to debauch with friends and hopefully shakedown the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 before cleaning it back up, tearing it down, sticking it in a box, and loading it on a plane bound for British Columbia.

Check back on Monday for a glorious Pisgah Enduro race report.  I can't wait to add yet another stellar result to the site dedicated to tracking all my palmares.


AdamB said...

You'll get yours on Monday Sir. Dickster...
Have a blaring good ride tomorrow. *Is there anything an Awesome Strap can't do?*

Captain Penguin, PhD said...

Happeeee early bbbuurrfffdddaaayyyyy! Is there any other similar speaker like that since I'm guessing the pringles offer is way over? That would be awesome for 6/12/24hr races.

dicky said...

There are way better speakers out there... just not free.

Big E said...

Happy birthday to both you and the Pie! Enjoy those beers and some "you guys" time.