Thursday, June 13

Whole, not half-ass

I did some (many) things half-assed at the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  Quite a few (many many), in fact.  I feel like I can get away with it there.  Familiarity breeds contempt.

Stupid things.  Like although I am sponsored by That Butt Stuff, I forgot to bring even one dollop of chamois cream.  I sucked it up for the short time trial Stage One and went dry.  The next two stages, I just slathered my taint with Trader Joe's skin lotion... it was better than nothing.  Finally I admitted my stupidity to my fellow Eagle Lodge residents, and I ended up borrowing glops and squirts of whatever anyone would lend me.

I was down to my last few applications of a six ounce tube and only had a half dozen or so trial sizes in an ammo can under my work bench.  I knew I was running low, but I hate to ask for things.  When I got back from TSE, the folks from TBS sent me a message:

"We haven't sent you any TBS lately... Do you need a restock? How was TSE this year?"


I won't forget it again (unless I do).

I'm doing my best to not half-ass the BC Bike Race.  Since everything has to fit in a duffle bag between stages, space is limited and gear must be selected in a most judicious manner.  Add to that, the rules require racers to carry certain gear... gear I may not necessarily have normally.
The List Per Person (The SafetySixPack):
1) 1 rain shell
2)1.5L water (at start or demonstrable capacity at any checkpoint)
3) whistle (Fox40 or better)
4) emergency food
5) pressure dressing (to stop uncontrolled bleeding)
6) waterproof matches or waterproof lighter

The rain shell?  I used to have the best one possible.  Goretex Paclite, perfect Dicky size, bought at a swap meet for $30 oh so many years ago.

It packed down oh so small...

I lost it over a week ago.  I am in the process of replacing it, but it was soooooo perfect.  Meh.

1.5 liters of water?  That's 50.7oz.  Each Twin Six Purist bottle only holds 22oz each, leaving me 6.7oz short.  Solution?  Assuming they just won't let it slide because 1.3L woulda been easier for us two bottle carrying folks, I'm bringing an empty gel flask to prove my "demonstrable capacity" if necessary.

Whistle?  Fox 40 or better.

  I'm carrying this:

The half-whistle I made at the 2004 PMBAR with a knife while sitting at the bottom of Pilot Rock (long story).  I've carried it at every PMBAR since.  Is it better than a Fox 40?  I'd say so.  It's pretty awesome.

Emergency food?  I plan on living off the land at the aid stations, so I'll carry the same gel pack all week... for emergencies.

Pressure dressing?  I couldn't get a firm grasp of what they wanted specifically.  Once again, I dug into my PMBAR gear and grabbed a 4X4 12 ply gauze pad and a roll of medical tape wrapped neatly around a rectangle of plastic from a Maxxis tire hanging thingy-do.  It will work... under pressure.

Waterproof matches or lighter?  I was just gonna use the tiny lighter I carry at PMBAR in a tiny zip-loc bag, but being a rule follower, I went out and bought the fucking matches for $2.99.  Seemed easier than explaining to the rule enforcers that my lighter was indeed waterproof (inside the bag).

I'm getting ready... slowly... cautiously.

I do have seven sleeveless jerseys, so there's that.

And in the spirit of preparing for the future...

The Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 post-TSE tear down and polish is almost complete. I might actually have it all back together well in advance of ORAMM.

So full of win.

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Fat loser said...

Tell us if you find another decent jacket!