Monday, July 29

Getting back on track

I thought I was going to the mountains for a bike ride Sunday.  That did not happen.  Canceled on account of not going and doing something else.

photo cred: Joey Emanuel

Faster Mustache team building exercise of the highest order.  It's like a road ride, but with more grass and fewer miles.  We tried to end at the Bird Song brewery, but they were not open at 1:00PM on a Sunday.

I know.

So we ended up at the Rampton's for tasties.  From there, I was to go home before attending the Good Runnings Grand Opening Extravaganza.  I did not make it back to my abode for a wardrobe change and ended up attending in my lycra.  Certainly the biggest party fail of the day until Josh the Wonderboy broke his collarbone in the running segment of the Mini Reverse Triathlon.

That happened.

From that point, the day got away from me.  Nick "Dip and Spray" Barlow convinced me to go to a bar that was somewhere between four to three hundred miles away.  By the time I made the wise decision to go home, it was getting dark, I was still wearing a cycling costume, and I had no idea where I was and no lights.
Long day.  Without a smart phone to tell me how to get home, it would have been even longer.

Yes, The Pie has left me unattended yet again.  One more day of not burning the house down to go.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Josh that Nelson says "HAH-HAH." I'm sure he'll appreciate that.