Tuesday, July 9

So... ummmm... yeah

I said I would be back today.

That was before.

Before all this and all that.

I set my alarm for 6:30AM this morning.  I turned it off as the beeping reached its crescendo.  Then I fell back asleep and had a dream that I was going about my day like normal... right up to the part where I was hanging out on a couch eating fancy hors d'oeuvres with a friend from high school and an ex-girlfriend from college.

That's when I realized that I was in fact sleeping and not anywhere near going about my day.

I'm exhausted.  I guess doing four of seven days of stage racing with terminal diarrhea will do that to you.  Not to mention starting my day of homeward travel Sunday at @ noon PST and ending it with a delayed four hour and forty minute flight seated in front of two crying babies that got delayed by over an hour that saw me walking in my front door at 8:15AM on Monday just so I could head back out fifteen minutes later on my way to work...

All to come home after a nine hour workday to be faced with the task of down gearing, unpacking a bike that is covered in tire sealant, discovering my Shimano mineral oil had opened in my bag, leaked out, and disappeared, three loads of laundry, and organizing piles of papers, notes, receipts, general mess.

I promise I will be back up and running full steam tomorrow.

Then you can read all about the glamorous life of being a full-on industry insider douchebag (for a day).

photo cred: Brendon Purdy or Margus Riga.


Stephen Bennett said...


AdamB said...

There's got to be an equation to these stage races that adds the days of racing to the days of travel, plus gearing up, down-gearing (funny since you have no gears), cleaning up and finally schtupping the wife... Let me find my old Texas Instruments TI-SR to get this thing happening. Welcome back DB!

John Parker said...

gettign the trots on the road no thanks

how does the AC/DC song go?

Hotel, motel
Make you wanna cry
Lady do the hard sell
Know the reason why
Gettin' old
Gettin' grey
Gettin' ripped off
Gettin' sold
Second hand
That's how it goes....