Wednesday, June 26

Leaving on a lazy note

I leave for the BC Bike Race tomorrow.

Just like that, the blog goes on hiatus for two whole weeks.  I, my body, will be back in Charlotte at 6:04AM on July 8th, but I will also be punching a clock two hours and fifty-six minutes later.  Living the dream.

In my dream, I take my seeing eye dog, Two in the Stink, out hunting for free range corn dogs while listening to Fleetwood Mac covering WASP's Electric Circus.  Your dreams may vary.
I do not like the kind of travel that I will face tomorrow.  Connecting flights, layovers, traveling with a bike case, hoping said bike case is on every plane I happen to be on, customs, possible "discussions" regarding the appropriate amount of money to charge for my bike case, a ride from the airport to the hotel that's got the whole "don't worry, we'll find you" vibe, the possibility of airport foodage...

Does anybody know where I can get spinach, eggs, and onions in the Houston Airport?

These are indeed affluent Anglo-Saxon issues.

And then there's that whole "new and exciting industry insider douchebag thing" I'll be doing on Friday that I sincerely hope I don't screw up.  I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone involved knows who they are dealing with here.  My coverage of Interbike 2011 was legendary.  Real "unprofessional cyclist" turned "unprofessional journalist" stuff.

Pretty sure that by the end of 2013, The Industry will gather in a most clandestine manner and vote to put me permanently outside of its exclusive inner circle for life.

The 2013 BC Bike Race is my first nomadic style stage race in years.  I've had the luxury of sleeping in the same bed every night, laundry, and refrigerated beers for a very long time.  Obviously this is not as difficult as the Tour Divide, but that's just such a silly endeavor all together.  I've packed relatively wisely, just enough beer coozies (three) and underwear (one) to make it through the week.

When I return, I don't know what to expect here.  I have committed to writing a full feature on my BC Bike Race experience for Dirt Rag, so in order to keep that content sort of original, I'll have to somehow share things somewhat differently here...

or not at all.

But more than likely here, just not in the manner in which you or I have grown accustomed to.

Expect lots of Shirtless Club for Men photos and other not ready for prime time material.

Miss me already?

I'll miss you.

At least I'll feel appreciated while I'm away.

Nice to know all the other riders will get to see what it feels like to be me for once in their lives.

And just because I just watched a Brian Posehn comedy show the other night...


john parker said...

Industry insider?

No need to be original there there as plenty of weak acts to follow it's not like we are cool like surfers or rich like F1 racers.
But we do have our share of DB's either way I am sure u will be able to resist their powers of cool.

Chsad said...

So I am seeing RM media launch for r
Their slick new Instinct and low and behold the royal dick is in the pic. Your insider/douche status is on the rise!