Tuesday, June 25

Almost all up in it

I'm leaving Thursday, although the BC Bike Race doesn't start until Sunday.  Day Zero is Saturday.  It is a "must attend" day.  You drop off your bike, register, load your duffel for the week, get your picture taken with a life-size standee of Andreas Hestler, go to a racer meeting, get carted off to the tent city...

if you're not there, you're not racing.

So by leaving Thursday, I will be in Vancouver all day Friday.  What's the point?

Once again, I am aimlessly and wantonly pushing myself deeper and deeper into "The Industry."

I don't know if I'm supposed to be talking about what I'm doing... perhaps just talking about not talking about it is going too far.  I dunno.  This is a first for me, being that I'm still a junior level industry insider douchebag.

I'm accepting a certain amount of "responsibility" in exchange for this "opportunity."  Generally speaking, I'm not interested in more responsibility, but in this case I've made an exception.  Once in a lifetime experiences should be embraced when offered, unless said experience is holistically unpleasant or perhaps painful and without reward or fuzzy feelings.

Speaking of responsibilities...

Dirt Rag #171 is currently making its way into readers' hands.
Yes, a lengthy interview with the reclusive (until now) Missy Giove.

Don't know who Missy is (or was)?

I don't know you.

Of course there's yet another Wassupwidis? from me.   You can probably continue to expect that from now into the near future.  I mighta squoze another piece into this issue as well.  Still no centerfold, but I'll keep trying.

For now, I'll settle for this, what I would like to think is an open invitation to the Shirtless Club for Men, but what is more than likely a private joke from Dirt Fest:

Dirt Rag:  If you're not reading it, you're probably reading something else...

or illiterate...

or watching FOX News.

Same thing.

And now, back to packing and trying to figure out if there's room for at least one pair of underwear in my luggage.

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AdamB said...

"'Cause if it isn't making dollars
Then it isn't making sense
If you aren't moving units
Then you're not worth the expense
If you really want to make it
You had best remember this
If it isn't penetration
The it isn't worth the kiss"
Pedro the Lion