Monday, June 24

Full Stack Happiness

It started with a text.

Then another.

I scratched my head.  Impossibru.  Never gonna happen.

Slowly it changed to "Why not ask?"  

So I did.  An email, a response, more emails, two phone calls, and the next thing you know, the cat got out of the bag quicker than it got in.

No sooner did I complain about the anticipation of being lonely at the BC Bike Race than I was no longer lonely at all.  This is great news as I was having a hard time figuring out how to pack my fern in my bike case.
It's gonna be soooo sweet...

I won't be dining alone at meal time either.

I had a great time back in 2007 at the inaugural BC Bike Race with Timmy as my teammate.   We were able to actually snag a top ten finish in the Open Men Duo category and due to Tim's age deficiency, it looks as if we'll still be in the Open Men Duo category this go around.  One year of aging would've been all we needed to jump into the "softer landing" 80+ category.

Oh well.

It's amazing that even in 2013, after offering solo categories for a few years now, BC Bike Race still pulls in a huge number of Duo teams. There will be no easy podium poaches up for grabs.

Other great news?

Timmy has assured me that he is NOT in as good as shape as he was in 2007.  Thusly, he shouldn't be at the top of every climb looking refreshed as I come up with drool streaming from my chin grunting and groaning in misery.


So long ago.

The Shirtless Club for Men had such humble beginnings.

I still thought it was best to pack my bag from the inside.

My fortune cookies had great wisdom and insight.

I met my now editor at Dirt Rag, Mike Cushionbury for the first time...

back when he worked for that "other magazine."

And finally, that was all the way back (and the last time) I thought it was a good idea to do a stage race with a hydration pack (not filled with beer).

Garage Days to be revisited.

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