Tuesday, August 6

Missing Peter

Five days till the Breck Epic Grand Depart.  Yes, I'm still saddened by the fact that Peter will NOT be in attendance this year.  He's been there every year since the start of it all in 2009.  Damn, I went back through the blog archives for an image of a 2009 BE Peter and saw that I was not blogging for myself that week.  All my wit and wisdom was shared on  So here's the guy I saw at the BC Bike Race who looked like Peter (but wasn't).

Not gonna be easy going without him... he was the Riggs to my Murtaugh.

Me, the crafty, calm veteran always looking to retire.  He, the out of control lunatic with a death wish.

How I'll miss those speeches from the Captain Ed Murphy of the Breck Epic, promoter Mike McCormack...

"You guys wrecked twenty cars, shot up the embassy, threw coasters at Evan Plews, told the women's podium to "touch each other," and ruined the Blue River for everyone!"

Last night, I got the chance to actually speak with Peter's replacement... the self-proclaimed Angry Singlespeeder of fame.
He certainly needs to work on that "anger" thing.  Almost a fifteen minute conversation and never once did I sense even mild agitation.  In that amount of time, Peter would have told me to "fuck off," threatened my physical well being, and told me he wasn't even going to bother to come if I was going to be such a pussy about everything.   The ASS asked if he could bring anything I might need, how I liked my eggs, and which was my favorite... Hall or Oates? 


They are nothing without each other.

Hall had the voice, Oates had the mustache.

Peter, bless his heart, always did his best to destroy any good intentions I might have at the Breck Epic.  Within minutes upon our arrival into town, he would have a beer sitting in front of me.  I have a feeling I'll be drinking a yerba mate and perusing a scone menu at this rate.

And although we did not address this in our conversation, you can't bring your cat.


TheMutt said...

I'm just gonna sit here and watch that video all day

Peter Keiller said...

All lies!