Wednesday, August 7


So yeah, The Pie has gone out of town again, leaving me unattended.  Lofty goals in her absence... few being attained.

So many distractions.

photo cred: Chris Muddiman 
A simple evening ride ends in beer and accidental wing procurement, thus canceling any caloric burn achieved.  Get back below 130lbs before the Breck Epic?  Not without another four day bout of dysentery.  I was (sorta) trying though.

Four bags of leaf spinach purchased to be consumed over four nights.  Healthy?  Yes.  Beverage of choice?  Not so much.

Choice beverage followed by packing for the Breck Epic followed by more choice beverages... fewer goals attained.

Dehydrated, paunchy, stiff, sore, unbathen... that's how I'm starting my day.  Hopefully a better start than yesterday.
That happened... didn't know it could. Apparently it does.

Why am I sore?  I can only guess it was because of my first wreck on Sunday, one that I thought would not hurt days later, but somehow does.  Joey called out a stop and somehow utilized his mechanical brakes to arrest his forward movement faster than physics should normally allow.  I came up behind him rather quickly, tried to squeeze by, and clipped my pedal on his rear wheel.  Superman.  Landed in the dirt face first.  Felt fine then... only noticeable damage being some broken blood vessels on my nose.

Now I have little aches and pains.  I've been told if I did more yoga my body would be more prepared for impacts... more flexible.  Only problem being that yoga hurts me more than wrecking my bike.

Coincidentally, the latest issue of Dirt Rag is floating around out there...

and inside is another Wazupwidis? wherein I discuss the topic of damaging my body, pushing limits and getting old.  There's also some other stuff in there like five reviews of 29" wheeled bikes, zero reviews of 650b bikes, interviews with Joe Murray and Juli Furtado, and as far as I remember, no mention of Enduro racing.

If you're looking for my long awaited article on the BC Bike Race, keep waiting.  That's not how "the industry" works.  Next issue... I promise.  These things take time as Dirt Rag has yet to update their printer to get in line with the times.

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Wait, wait...
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