Thursday, August 8


With a one week blackout followed by many days of Breck Epic related posts, it's best that I address a few things before I go.

A little over a week ago, Scott Tedro withdrew all USA Cycling sanctioning from the US Cup... the biggest XC thing we got going in the states.  Who's he?

-Owner of Sho-Air International and The US Cup Series
-Head honcho of the Sho-Air/Cannondale team
-The guy who saved the national XC scene back in 2008 with his own money
-The guy who also threw up his middle finger at USA Cycling over the whole "forbidden races" deal

So yeah, he makes that move to dissociate from USA Cycling on July 30th, and yesterday the governing body of "our sport" picked their athletes to go to Worlds.  Jeremiah Bisquick, Sho-Air/Cannondale team member, second overall in the Pro XCT (mighta been first had he not gotten way off course last month), was not on the list.  They did choose Micheal Broderick. Nothing against him, but really?

Anyhoo, something stinks.  Leave it to Jon Danger to get to the bottom of it.

The book of faces, dispatcher of all relevant information, then produced this:
And when Jeremiah had more time to pen his personal thoughts in a more complete manner...

You can read it all, but his last sentence says it all:

"If USAC cared about the best possible TEAM performance at Worlds they would ask me to be there bottom line."

My feelings about Jeremiah's prolific use of hair gel aside, he got screwed.  He was on fire this year, focused on XC racing and cut back on the endurance crap, and to not have him representing the US of A this year?  USA Cycling, skip the bag of dicks and go straight to the dick buffet... you earned it.

On a positive note, Faster Mustache is putting on two events Jeremiah is welcome to attend later this year.

Virginia was a Confederate state, so I think Jeremiah could legitimately hold the title of Southern Singlespeed Champion if he wants it... pretty sure Thomas Turner will make him earn it though.  Anyways, if you did not get invited to represent the USA at Worlds (they were just drawing names from a hat, right?), come on down for an omnium of events to include:

Short Track
Night Time Trial
Cross Country

Onsite registration only, $50 for the whole weekend (includes camping), hilarity will ensue.

And one other event that Jeremiah can come race if he wants to...

From the same people that brought you the Tour duh Charlotte, we come armed to the teeth with good times.  People with keen eyes might see the word "enduro" on that flier.   I have nothing to do with that.  I wanted it to be a 650b specific event, but they don't listen to me.  The Backyard Trails will provide plenty of entertainment, there will be an after party (as well as a during party), so as soon as we have more information than what you see above, I'll let you know.

BACKYARD TRAILS WITH STABBY from Rich Dillen on Vimeo.
That video is dated, but you get the point.


Stephen Bennett said...

"This video is private"

Well done

dicky said...



Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...


I'm a JB Fan. I route for him, and look for him in results.

I feel for the guy.

But you know what, if my job was to make the worlds team, you bet I would understand the selection process. Given that his team and USAC had pissing matches all year, all the more reason I would have dotted every i and crossed every t.

If he had petitioned he would have been on the team.

It's poor form on the backside to complain about a position he didn't get because he didn't apply for it.

Is it wrong to expect professionals to be professionals? To handle all the details?

I don't think so.

I hate defending USAC, but frankly if JB handled his business, this mudslinging wouldn't be happening.

Apparently Broderick isn't faster than JB, but he can read the rules, and completed the application.

thanks for the forum


dicky said...

I wondered about all that as well. Did Wells apply, Ettinger...?

Was the non-petitioning done to start something with the USAC over his non-selection?

I have so many conspiracy theories in my head.

Is Tedro behind all the recent floodings and shark attacks?

Anonymous said...

FM... isn't it usac's responsibility to make sure the best of the best represent our country? they failed to do that, period! even if JB didnt want to attend and didnt petition on purpose... usac should have still asked him to go. it was personal, and that is wrong!

Anonymous said...

I thank dat dem fellers down at USAC suck ball sacks. They just want yer money. Back in my day we didn't have no rules for riding bicycles. We just rode our 10spds faster than hell up down them hollowers out in the hills. It was just about riding bikes no bullshit about fancy rules and such. Why can't it be like the good ol' days where you drank some corn, hopped on the 10spd and the faster riders where who won. Then they went off to the bright lights of the world stage. But in the end JB can't hate on USAC but still want them to send him to worlds. As my daddy says "He can't pee down both legs. He's gonna have to choose."

Earl Hazekamp said...

$50 for three races plus beer!? That is a seriously good deal. That's like $3.33 per race and $40 in beer.

MitchHoke said...

JB said last week in Vermont that he didn't want to go to worlds. This was very well known to the amongst us guys who would have been going, and everone knew he was done racing internationally after last year, so I pretty sure the selection folks knew that as well. As far as Broderick going, Todd and Ettinger were automatic picks based on winning the Pro XCT and Nationals. The only people to petition were me and Broderick. I changed my mind and decided i didn't want to go. Broderick is going to support Mary and then race himself, but first to support Mary. He is paying his own way to get there. So what is the big deal with him going... He isn't taking anyone else's spot. If any wants to talk more my twatter is @betyoumitchme

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess this move by Tedro opens the door for lance to race in that series?