Friday, September 6

From meh to less meh in 60 seconds

Sorry about yesterday morning.  I was up early making crab cakes for the Panthers game...

Oh wait, that was just a dream.

I was up, considered blogging, felt no joie in my de vivre, and bailed on the idea.  I'm sure my mood has been altered by the losing of the foster pet that r-u-n-n-o-f-t.

She ain't been seen in some time.  Oh, and then there's the recurrence of the ant infestation all over the Honda Fit of Rage.  Meh.

Combine that with the ending of the "season," and there you have the perfect combination for a dip in my atmospheric mood swing that even a geoengineer can't fix. 

But there is hope on the horizon.  In less than a week, I'll be in Steamboat Springs doing Buddha knows what.  I'm still thinking this is some elaborate prank, but I've seen airline ticket itineraries and deluxe accommodations coming my way.

Choice digs, but I'm an outdoor kinda guy.  I'm going there to ride bikes, not watch Chronicles of Riddick on Spike TV while chilling on a leather couch or to drink PBR's in a hot tub full of man stew.

What bikes am I gonna ride anyways?

I'll be spending a whole day riding nothing but park, so I need a park bike.

I have been told this will be my whip for the Steamboat Bike Park.  Seems choice.  Loads of travel, heavy, looks cool leaned against the wall while I toss back beers with my goggles around my neck and getting all braggadocios about my last sick run down the mountain.  I'll look like a tourist noob fo sho, but show me someone else clipped in and rocking 200mm of travel in a pair of white SIDI's.

There will be much XC riding as well.  A few bikes have been offered unto me, a longer travel 26" trail machine, a 29'er full squish deluxe, a 26" steel single speed...

But I've been bothering some people who know people who don't know who I am trying to get on one of these

Yes, 650b wheels... or 27.5 in 'Merica terms.  I may poke fun at the tweener size, although Josh Patterson says it's not really tween nothing, but until I actually ride one, I have to reserve my real judgement.  650b doesn't really solve any problems for me.  I already have a two short stay "flickable" 29'ers, I like my front end way higher than most people of my diminutive stature, and my wheels are plenty light.  That said, I wanna give it a go, and what better way to isolate the variables of the experiment than to do it on a bike with squish front and rear and shifty bits?

All right, not ideal, but I doubt they'll build up a demo rigid SS just for my trip.

I gotta get moving now.  I've either gotta locate my Tomi-cog or figure out who I loaned it to and get it back.  Looks like there's a 90% chance I might be vying for the title of Southern Single Speed Fixed Gear Champ in two weeks.

I haven't ridden fixed off road in years.  On top of that, I threatened to do it brakeless, thus compounding my issues. Shit fire.  I'm sure that riding my all manner of squishy/shifty bikes in Steamboat will totally get me ready for such an endeavor.

Class will be in session this weekend.


AdamB said...

You've got Class, eh?
Probably a Moot point...
Happy week-end-ness to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, another trip that you don’t pay for and riding bikes that you don’t pay for, just so you can come back and blog about how horrible of an experience it was for you. I hope someday these companies wise up and stop giving you free stuff. You don’t deserve it. Plenty of riders out there that would appreciate something like this was more than you. Somebody needs to bitch slap you off that SS kid’s bike and give you a reality check.

dicky said...

I thought I had my wife's comments blocked...