Monday, September 9

Just a dude

Short on time... so much to get done before heading out to the Steamboat Media Bike trip.  I pick away at it in bits and pieces.  In the few minutes between priorities, I organize my outdated gels, toss out instruction manuals for bike components I no longer own, sort through my CO2's, trim back neglected shrubbery...

Took the time to bust out the Tomi cog.

Best case scenario gear was 38X19... not so great.  More effort would be required to have something more better so less better will do.  Sam from The Hub pointed out that with slightly more effort I could carry more beer though.

I did put in the effort, which was not worth it if I actually wanted the wheel to spin without tossing shards of plastic and glass everywhere.  I guess I will just have to get by on less beer in two weeks at the Southern Single Speed Championships.

I plan to try and talk my fellow competitors into a pants-off dance-off brakeless class.  I doubt they will fall for it.
No brakes.  Sauce for the goose, Mr. Saavik.

I have tested my set up as it is and will be.  Saturday, I went out to the worst place I could think of (locally) to test out the stupid big gear, the US National Whitewater Center.  As expected, it sucked.  I exploded on Goat Hill and almost died a few times on a couple logovers.  Once I get the SSSC out of the way, I'll put the Tomi cog back on the hook where it belongs.

In case you missed it, I got one of my best comments ever one my post last Friday.  In a world where people no longer leave comments, it's good to see that I can inject enough misery into someone's life to inspire them to peck at the keyboard for a few seconds.

Anonymous said...

"Awesome, another trip that you don’t pay for and riding bikes that you don’t pay for, just so you can come back and blog about how horrible of an experience it was for you. I hope someday these companies wise up and stop giving you free stuff. You don’t deserve it. Plenty of riders out there that would appreciate something like this was more than you. Somebody needs to bitch slap you off that SS kid’s bike and give you a reality check."

I agree entirely.  That's would be why I responded with just about the same reaction when the chance to go to Steamboat showed up in my inbox.

"Man, I'd love to do this, but don't feel I have the "clout" to justify the flight.  There's gotta be someone better than me."

They still picked me against my best advice.  I deserve nothing I get in life, aside from my receding hair line and free pancakes on my birthday from IHOP.  I do nothing to hide my unworthiness.  After all, I'm just a dude who plays a dude disguised as another dude.

Regardless of all that, I'm getting on a plane in two days, and I'm not coming back until I have an experience worth complaining about and some free stuff I can back handedly give my...


Or maybe I'll just have a good time with pleasant company and enjoy myself despite being a huge, out of touch with reality pile of shit who rides a kid's bike.  Who knows?


Adam said...

Haters gonna hate dawg! Fuk 'em.

CB2 said...

Tell me about this shrubbery

John Parker said...

and you are racing a fixed gear because you could not find a loner fat bike?

Anonymous said...

You seem to be a kind and humble man who has the gift of complaining in a funny and still thankful manner. You may not deserve what you get in life (not sure anyone does), but I'm glad good things/people come to you. Have a great trip dood.

BR said...

I tell people straight all started with Dicky and the support of his fine supporters. Thanks Rich for being an awesome ambassador and thank you folks for your support.


fatlip11 said...

It's the internet... EVERYONE complains! Keep on with yo bad self!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the decline on comments myself. I used to look at the number of comments on a blog post BEFORE I read the post to see if it was worth reading. Now I have to actually read the post myself first to determine if its worth reading or not. Will you commenters get back to commenting so I know what's worth reading!!!! Am I complaining too much?!?!

dougyfresh said...

Thank you BR for making such and awesome product and thank you Dicky for introducing me to said product.

dicky said...


Commenting on blog posts is so 2008.