Friday, October 25

Mauvaise Course Idée

I talked to Watts yesterday. That, in and of itself, was probably not the best of ideas. I've shown better judgment in the past.  He made me think.  I don't much like doing that.

The Wilkes 100k is this weekend. The Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 is ready for action, big meat up front, bell in place. Not my nice bell or my other nice bell or my not needed but wanted for satire bell... I still wait.

Despite the fact that that I want to win this weekend...

Despite the fact that I've already handicapped myself with excess government shutdown related weight gain and a cessation of all things calisthenic...

Despite the fact that it would be the stupid thing to do, I'm going to go ahead and race on the Shit Sandwich tomorrow...

Watts got me thinking.  This is Bad Idea Racing, and I haven't done anything truly stupid (on a bike) in awhile.

This decision is made with even more "despite the facts"

Despite the fact that I found out that the front brake was in bad need of a bleed the last time I rode in the mountains...

Despite the fact that I only have one water bottle mount...

Despite the fact that I've never had the chance to ride the bike on an actual trail.  I take that back. I had the chance to do it last weekend in Pisgah. I didn't for two reasons:

*I didn't want to risk having a shitty ride in Pisgah on my first crack at some of the seasonal trails since April

*I was too fucking lazy to make the swap after a long day of cross cycling specatation

Back to the despites.

Despite the fact that I don't have the Ardent 2.4... yet. My own fault.

I coulda got it here on time for ten more doll hairs. I didn't think I'd need it this weekend.

Despite the fact that I won't have pink wheels, I'll have to stare at that tall stack of spacers for somewhere in the neighborhood of five hours, and the cable routing is atrocious...

Despite the fact that I Awesome strapped a 29" tube to the rails without thinking and now have to rifle my drawers for an appropriate (or more appropriate) tube...

Despite the fact that had I more time, I would swap some parts... 160 Ashima Air rotors and a 10 speed chain.  Close to a quarter pound to be saved with some effort.  Meh.  Coulda shortened my chainstay as previously discussed.  Whatever.

I did one thing.  Gear swap.  32X18 wasn't cutting it.  Strange beasts, these 650b's.   Since they are closer to 26" in diameter than 29", it's easier to think about gearing based off the smaller wheels.  Looking at my options hanging on the peg board, I settled on 36X19. 

BTW:  I couldn't figure out why I was referring to this bike as the Shit Sandwich.

Then it dawned on me.  I was rolling down the 700 block of North College yesterday (going the wrong way) when I remembered a piece I did for Dirt Rag #169: Tainted Meat

~ I have read that 2013 will be the year of the 650b. Some will quickly jump up on their soapbox and pronounce that the industry is just feeding us yet another shit sandwich and saying “bon appetit.”

There you have it.

Wilkes 100k tomorrow, and then herding cats at the not-quite-sold-out Back Yard Experience

Come out, come out, wherever/whomever/whatever you are.  Good times will be had.  Beer, bikes, party, racing, playing cards, waffles... just your average bike race FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN THE BACKYARD!

If, and I say "if" my next batch of Enduro™ stickers gets here before Sunday, all preregistered riders will get one.  So not only do you save $10 by registering early, you get an obvious (but not guaranteed) advantage.  If they don't get here, you're on your own.

BTW: The wheels I didn't plan on selling right away did just that (thanks Bardley).  The 2012 100mm Fox Terralogic and the 2013 140mm Fox Float are still here.  The Carver can't go until I get done with all this 650b nonsense.  Only dibs will be taken.  teamdicky at hotmail dot com


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shark sandwich

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you've already used the third bell joke... yawn.