Monday, November 11

Chubby Digit

I'm officially 2.5 days into La Vida Bachelor, Fall 2013.  How am I doing so far?

I had plans to get a lot done Friday night before a long weekend spent in the Pisgah.  Then Jon Danger put up the Batdick signal via text or facebook or perhaps it actually was a light in the sky.  I don't remember.


That's code for beer at The Spoke Easy... because it takes me twelve minutes from punching the clocking to sitting on a stool with a beer in my borrowed and slightly broken festive mug.  They close at 7:00... can't do any harm.

Conversations.  Beer.  It's official that The Spoke Easy WILL NOT BE the location for the Official NAHBS party after all.  Essentially NAHBS wanted this thing called "money" stuffed into their coffers if the party (which was going to be free AND funded by the shop and some industry douche bags) was to be considered "official."  So fuck it.  It will now be the Official Unofficial NAHBS Party.  Nothing else will change... unless it does.

Other conversations degraded from there.

Somehow 7:00PM came and went, the shop mighta closed, no one told me to leave.  I stayed longer and drank slightly more than intended.

Home.  The power supply had shown up for my computer, and I wanted Pandora to accompany my evening's chores.   Within minutes I was unplugging things and immediately forgetting where things plugged back in to everywhere.  Somehow it all came together.

Pack the Carver and Fjox fjork as promised (don't worry Brian, I double checked my work last night), pack my camping gear, forget several key items, go to bed, remember to pack a coozie, get out of bed and pack coozie, forget other important things and go to bed with a 6:00AM alarm.

Up, dog to the boarders, pick up Nicknameless Kurt, head west.  Once we got there, set up camp, and no sooner did my new fork supplier introduce himself...

Oh yeah, when I whined about not having my new 2014 TALAS fjork on Friday, someone who just happened to have one sitting around and happened to be coming to Double Dare contacted me.   Boom.  Deal done.  I brought (almost) all the tools necessary for installation and had it on shortly after it being placed in my grubby mitts.

Yerm.  Squished it up and down, decided that whatever air was in there was good enough, and after the Double Dare started, Kurt and I headed out for a ride.  We wanted to try to ride out to where the racers were headed, but Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever had sent them to the ass-opposite side of the forest before they could even start picking up checkpoints.  Fuck that.

Double Dare... worst spectator sport ever.

A great ride ensued nonetheless.  Pisgah was covered in slippery DRY leaves.  Incidents and accidents.  Much lamenting the fact that I thought a hardtail with 140mm of travel and NO drooper post would be a good idea.  It was not.

Hurt stink finger.

I mighta went over the bars.  I mighta caused myself an injury.

After the ride, I whined and complained and had a great time.  Beers by the fire, jealously (not really) watching racers come in well after dark, staying up until the last racers had come in and when my supply of High Life was fully extinguished.

Sunday there was more riding, difficult braking cause by my chubby digit, and then burrito... because, burrito.

As I look at piles of smelly camping gear this morning, cardboard boxes and packing material littering the floor, promised to be done projects lying aboot in an undone manner... I'm wondering how much I might have to alter my planned fun VS responsibilibru this week.  None of this is being sped up with my handicapped keyboard hunt and pecker injury.

 Plans for the week are cemented in, unless they aren't, which is certain.

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