Friday, November 8

La Vida Bachelor, Fall 2013

This morning, I begin ten consecutive days of La Vida Bachelor.  This was not the original plan.  I had bailed on the Pisgah Productions Double Dare that happens this weekend to spend more time with my family after a very busy "season" and before The Pie and Nia left for a week in Florida.

Well, The Pie was presented with the opportunity to run a half (of an entire) marathon this weekend... in Florida.  I kid.  I'm proud of her.  She just took up long distance running this year for the first time, and it looks like it's sticking.  Thirteen miles will be her longest run ever, and she's doing it three months ahead of her original schedule.

Back to me.

With my weekend opened back up, I considered Double Daring again.  I contacted Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever.  He put the word out.  It came back.  Mike Pierce was looking.  He and I chatted on the phone.

The good thing about Mike?  He can go a steady pace... for like ever.

The bad thing?  He can go a steady pace... for like ever.

I did not want to have an aggressive agenda if I raced.  With the second 12 hour day starting at 6:00AM... in the dark... in freezing temps... I was none too motivated to join up with a guy who could give two fucks about the external environment.  He just goes and goes and can drink beers while doing so.  I was 99% in anyways.

But then on my ride home that evening, I remembered something.  I'm still sorta messed up from racing a rigid 650b for @ sixty miles TWO WEEKS AGO.  I can't deny it.  The Pie has tried to coax the lumps out of my back with hands and elbows, but they're still there.  Just spinning the cranks while cleaning my chain in the front yard, my back pops and clicks grotesquely.  Ewwww.

I blame Giant Bicycles.

When they launched the massive 27.5 marketing missive complete with charts and graphs, they left out some of their "scientific" findings.

I'm beat up.  No racing for me.  I'm heading up (more like over) there to ride, heckle, drink, eat, sleep, and hopefully do it all again on day two.  I'm fortunate that no one bought my Terralogic Fjox fjork a couple weeks ago so I can enjoy some cushiony comfort and not make myself (that much) worse.  I won't be seeing my TALAS 140/110 for almost another month, so I'm gonna cling to this thing until the lumps in my back disappear.

So, La Vida Bachelor.

I'm gonna do as much bike stuff as I can this week.  Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night RideBandit Cross on Wednesday, The Spoke Easy's two year anniversary party and alley cat, which I won't be racing in...

What can I say?  I've been delivering things on a bike since 1996 (with a four month hiatus in '97), and the the idea of riding around and sorta simulating a day at work... but at night... after having a few beers?  Meh.  Competitive dish washer unloading sounds more tempting.  Too old, too jaded.  Besides, I just did an alleycat... back in 2004.

The worst news out of all of this is that The Pie is taking the laptop with her, and Mike Piazza (coach, GM, attorney, PR man, and head IT guy) has yet to fix my computer.

The power supply should show up today or tomorrow, and assuming that is/was the problem and also assuming Mike Piazza installs it correctly, I should be back up and running soon.  I hope so, as next week should provide a fair amount of blog fodder...

oh, and something happened last night that I want to discuss, but not today, but probably next week.  Big news to me, more than likely inconsequential to you.

Or maybe not next week.  If things go quiet, you know why.

 If anyone knows of something bike related to do on Monday, Thursday and Saturday/Sunday next week, please advise.


AdamB said...

So now my iPhone is going to blow up even MORE frequently telling me you posted AGAIN on FB. Sheesh, get that damn computer fixed Piazza!

roknfnrol said...

Dell optiplex, classic. I have tons of them lying around the shop if you need one.