Thursday, November 7

So it ends... and begins

It's just a pile now.

Parts.  That's what it's been reduced to.  A pile next to another pile of parts pulled off the Thylacine so Big Worm could borrow it back in June of 2012.  Parts to be reused next to parts not good enough to sell but too good to toss in the box of misfit toys that I keep in the closet with a plethora of old paint cans and dry rotted 26" tires.

The Carver 420.  Sold, well at least in the most promissory of ways.  On to the next smiling face.  I loved this frame, save for my small caveats.  It certainly filled a void this year, even won the Pisgah Eleventy One on it.  Hopefully the new owner will appreciate this decorative cap I dug outta the tool box.

Good times.  Learned a few things... things I hope to carry over into the future.

Back at it again.  I really thought I was going to end up on a MOOTS next year, unfortunately my tastes are a bit to niche.  I had to seek out someone who was willing to tweak things and has been tweaking for some time.  It's just a preliminary drawing, a bunch of emails, some poorly attained measurements (by me), and a phone conversation.  There's still so much that could go wrong, but as of right now, it's full steam ahead.

Good thing...
Since I bought the pedals over a month ago for a bike that didn't even have a builder at the time.

I would mention that I'm still waiting on the bell for my new bike, but I'm pretty sure I covered that already.

I'm a little disappointed I can't use this:

I've got Race Face cranks on all my bikes (save for The Fastest Bike in the World which sports old Dura Ace cranks).  These were going to be my next cranks before I even knew I needed them.  But alas, the chainline killed me.  51mm.  Too tight.  Short chainstays with titanium tubes, I'm working with someone who knows how to get 'em and he says it's a "no-go" if we wanna do it the way we wanna do it.  Meh.

There is a three ring option that would work:

But it was that direct mount ring that got me all bonerific.  I guess the good news is that I just saved a few hundred dollars.  I guess I'm stuck with reliable aluminum cranks that I can't wear through with my heels.

So anyways, I'm working on (another) be all, end all frame.  A little bit Misfit, a little bit Stickle, all titanium.


The last frame I'll ever buy?



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Vertigo Cycles said...

OMG! What poor sucker is going to have to build this monstrosity? And what could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Your bike 'sploded...