Monday, November 25

Get this outta the way first

Three day post week.  Sweet.  Four day weekend of sleeping until I wake up (which means when one of the dogs wakes up).  Added to the regular roster, one chi-mix puppy, Boo Boo.

Old news first, then new news tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 is finished being Enduro™'ed out.  I knew something was off when I (re)built it... just not enducing enough "brraaaaaaahhhhhppppppp" noises.  It was evident what it needed.

Riser bars.

The arrow indicates where I'm keeping track of the air pressure setting of the Fjox fjork.  I hadn't adjusted it initially out of the box and was missing out on about 30mm of travel.  Dropped about 10PSI... butter.  They got an app for that?    Doh.

So yeah, one ride over the weekend at the Back Yard Trails, and everything is now money.  I even swapped the 5mm spacer from above the stem to below to make the absolute highest front end ever on a bike for a man four apples tall.  I'm also digging the little extra width on the bars... a little more leverage for getting this single speed that weighs more than I want to know to move around.

For those that were wondering about the play in my brand new KS Lev drooper post, some stating that it was abnormal and cause for some concern.

I filled out the contact form on the KS website Tuesday. I never heard back. Being that emails from "teamdicky" are often times sent directly to the junk bin, I followed up with a phone call Friday evening.

"My post has play... you know, wiggle.  Is that normal?"


"Some people told me that it's not normal.  Are you sure?"


"If it gets worse, is that a problem?"


"Okay, thanks."

I'm paraphrasing, but essentially the content is there.  Some people's droopers have play, some don't.  Deal with it.  Droopers are not toys for the anal compulsive.  Excess cables, one more wear item, occasionally wiggly, soooo nice though.  I must add... my Thomson drooper?  No wiggle.  I did ask about the discrepancies between the manual and my post's operation and installation.

"Yes, there are discrepancies.  There shouldn't be, but there are."

So there you have that.

Also finished this weekend?

The harvesting.

All the parts minus a set of Industry Nine wheels and a 19T Endless cog.  Everything scavenged from either the Meat Carver or select parts stripped off other bikes to make the ultimate single speed, except for the new XTR (soon to be old?) XTR pedals and these tidbits:

I couldn't strip any bikes for a headset without making them no longer usable as a bicycle, so a new Cane Creek 110 was in order.  They're tits, made in NC, and available in the blackiest of blacks.  The shim?  We (the guy behind my new frame and myself) decided to go with the 30.9 seat tube in order to have better options with droppers down the line (27.2 droopers just look stupid) but still shim down to a nice 27.2 ti post for maximal comfort.

I want to drill the shim out... sorta like my old 31.6 shim.


Assuming the 31.6 is thicker (not so much an assumption, it's fact), figure on a 6 or 7 gram weight savings after putting a bunch of holes in it?

Unless I can find a very bored friend with a drill press, this may go against both logic and reason.

Tomorrow, the new frame deets.


BUCK said...

I rode with J. Youngdall (sp.) yesterday. He said you should get a Krampus. He's the guy who enjoyed passing you on a phat bike at the SM100. He hopes you enjoyed it too.

dicky said...

I'm waiting until Maxxis releases the GnArdent... SRSLY.

and I did enjoy the phat pass. It motivated me to go faster because the only thing worse than getting beat by a fat bike is getting chicked by a girl on a fat bike.

Anonymous said...

So according to your conversation with KS my post is defective because it does not have play. I should call them and ask for a normal one with play in it!! I guess when I say no play I mean a degree or less of play...mine has less than a degree of movement...I can not physically see it but I can feel it when I move saddle with my hand..your looked like more than 5 degrees and I think that would bother me riding..anyways that seems like crappy customer service and maybe my next post will be Thompson.

Anonymous said...

Man those bars look narrow. Get some real handlebars, Chromag OSX Fubars (780mm). They put the enduro into hardtail.

dicky said...

I'm only 5' 6.5"

I can only handle so much bar.