Friday, November 22

Sorry that I'm not sorry

I was going to talk about my new frame.  Really, I was.  Many reasons why I won't now.

Yesterday, I ran outta time.  I have to start wrapping things up at 7:55 in order to pull the plug at 8:00.  I need the remaining 27 minutes before I walk out the door to check the weather, decide on appropriate layerage, don said appropriate layerage, floss, brush, rinse... check tire pressure, and roll out the door.

I'm a decent slacker, but I'm also always on time.

So I had so much more to say on the topic of how cyclocross is a broken sport that could use a fixing.

But then the response from the rest of the internet told me that I had gotten my point across.  While some came up with twisted arguments that said a washer could be a drier if you just unhook the water supply (something like that), others took to the comments section and tweeterverse.

100% confident that I'm well understood.  If I've learned anything from The Angry Singlespeeder it's that knowledge saturation can be directly correlated to the amount of resulting negative feedback received.  If they don't like you, they get you.

Another reason not to mention my new frame today?

Traffic.  Too much traffic.  All the influx of cyclocross fan bois caused an 80% spike in daily hits.  Make the mistake of talking about my reclusive, elitist builder today and I take the risk of overexposing him.  Inflate his ego and then there's the possibility he'll take his attention away from my frame and start a branded clothing line.

I'm not gonna be responsible for his financial success.  Next week I'll get around to it.  By then the cross folks will be gone, for as we all know they only have an attention span of less than an hour and when surfing the web, they have to swap computers every five minutes since they're using antiquated Euro tech that can't be used for too long without being completely rebuilt by their IT department.

Did I get off or back on topic?  I can't remember.


There was so much I wanted to do in photoshop but had no time.  Skipping the whole "new frame" topic today really gave me the time I needed to do a proper tribute to the Hawley Blog blast from the past, Predator Theater.

I had one more in the brain, but without enough time to finish it, I give you the final botched frame which in and of itself could be enough.

PS: I regret improperly using the term "pantywaist" and saying "panty waste" instead yesterday.  All attempts to search the proper usage from work were thwarted by the google safe search function that kept me from looking for anything "panty" related.  I apologize.


Andrea said...

My plan worked flawlessly- Dicky linked to my blog so now I'll get a shit-ton of traffic without even trying.

Chris said...

This blog isn't worth the panty waists I had to get in a bunch to read it.

DRB said...

All this uproar without suggesting somebody eat a bag of dicks, imagine if you suggested a bag of dicks be eaten.

roknfnrol said...

Panty Waste conjures images of rancid discharge, so that's amusing.

Anonymous said...

The frame Dick, we want to hear about the frame.

...excellent choice, by the way.