Friday, November 1

No mustard

Many things.  Let's play ketchup.  No chronological order ahead.

Wilkes 100k.  Loads of fun.  You missed it?  Wanna get your share of the bermy berm berm berms?  Registration for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek opens tomorrow at 9:00AM EST.  It will sell out stupid fast.  They don't even have to toss waffles at participants to bring up the fun factor.  It has everything you need (minus flying breakfast).

photo cred: Eastwood
Gordon Sizemore updates...

He was the guest of honor a couple weekends ago at the Humane Society of Charlotte's Ties and Tails Gala... a function so nice that I have no place being there.

His handler?  Dunno her, but if I ever meet her, I might ask her to marry me.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday is the ginormous bike swap meet in Charlotte, The Big Stampede.

They moved the location back to its original spot, which means it's an eleven minute bike ride (according to google maps) from my house as opposed to getting stuck in Concord Mills mall traffic on the way home... Concord Mills somehow being North Carolina's biggest tourist attraction.  Yes, the same state with the Pisgah National Forest, Mount Mitchell (the highest point east of the Mississippi), the Atlantic Ocean, the Biltmore Mansion, historic lighthouses, wild horses that frolic on the Outer Banks, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A mall.  'Merica.

Oh yeah, the swap meet.  I don't have a list of "needs" per se.  Just browsing.  Always looking for that cheap mountain tandem, used chamois, a custom ti frame made to my exact specs, or a new ugly skinsuit.

photo cred: Christopher Beech
One that actually fits.

Sunday afternoon, I'm gonna do my best to make it to the Annual Tarheel Trailblazer Year End Party.  Our local trail building/advocacy club that I've been a member of (usually a paying member) for quite some time now.  Never been to the party on an official basis (I made a transaction in the parking lot once), but now that Drunk Cyclist Mudman has taken a huge role in the planning, I have a feeling it will be a party to not miss.  I mean, he's got the band that opened for George Thorogood at Interbike.

That's like getting a date with the girl who does Halle Berry's hair.

I just gotta figure out how I'm gonna get all the way out to Rock Hill, SC and more importantly... back home.  After a party.  One of the most unsafe after dark and a few beer rides I've ever done.

And one last thing.

Today, and today only, coach extraordinaire Lynda Wallenfels will be taking your questions on Facebook.... for free.

You gotta go "like" her page on FaceBook, but then you can fire away.  None of my questions are very relevant (Who does your hair?  Why does Dave always wear a baseball hat under his helmet?), so please come up with some good ones.

And finally...

Last night it was my duty to carry all the excess candy that Little Red Riding Hood couldn't fit in her diminutive, less than sensible basket... and the adult beverages.  Halloween, when all the other adults of the Cotswold neighborhood decide that it's okay to walk around with a coozie at 7:00PM.

It's always okay.


eastwood said...

Cotswold is cooler than Plaza I guess. We only had one taker on our FREE adult beverages. On the other hand we had a number of dogs enjoy the treats we had for them (apparently I got my hands on some dog treat gold over here - it was like crack for them. I got the hook up if Sizemore is fiending), and way too many kids - we were I'll prepared for the onslaught and had to shut down shop before 8:30.

AdamB said...

It looks like Gordon Sizemore is really cutting the mustard. That is your biggest win of the season (and it's a win that keeps on winning).