Monday, November 4

A Great Start

My first weekend of the off-"season."  I used my time wisely.  First things first, I spent way too much time with photoshop Saturday morning.  All for you.

Last week, I sort of reused the third bell joke.

It was noticed.

Anonymous said... 
you've already used the third bell joke... yawn.
I was surprised that any of my readers have long term memories, let alone the ability and energetic wherewithal to leave a comment.  Since I care that much and am slightly frustrated that I have yet to receive my long awaited, hand made, very expensive and expected in early November pair of bells, I've had time to consider going right past ordering a third and just getting number four as well.  I've made (virtual) room.

That wasn't easy*. I'm not very good at photoshop and the amount of coffee I drank during the process made it even more difficult, but I do care if you are entertained or not.  If you only knew... the way I feel about you.

After knocking out that top level priority project, I went for a ride with Bill Nye TSG.  Even though I was on a 29'er, I was still feeling the effects of riding a 650b for @60 miles last week.  Beat up, sore, worse than I normally feel after a week long stage race.  At least I felt even more secure in my decision to NOT pursue a 650b frame as my next bicycle on which to make great bike race.

I did miss how it handled though...

If only my ego would allow for a little squish in my ride.

Maybe when I'm old... er.

Sunday.  Swap meet.  So glad it was less than a ten minute ride from my house.  I saved at least five bucks in gas money not driving all the way out to the speedway where it's been in years past, so the five bucks I spent to get in was just a wash.   Maybe I'm just the lucky boy that has it all, but I had a hard time finding anything that really filled a void in my world.  I did buy a Hamm's beer cycling cap... because Dave Pryor made me jealous of his a couple years ago.

I didn't need another cycling cap, but I did need this one.

After the time wasted... errrr, spent at the swap meet, I headed over to the Tarheel Trailblazer End of Year Party with fellow Mustache Colin.  We ended up on the advanced ride which was in much more of a hurry to cover all the trails than I was.  It is the off-"season" after all.  Ride completed, a lame attempt on my part at the log pull, beer, and then the derby.  I was in for this.

Hands on the bar rules.  I need that being a man only four apples tall and not yet at my full-Ulrich winter weight.  It was a co-ed competition, and I was an equal opportunity wrecking machine.  I took out men and women alike until it was down to Irish Luke and I.  He had already bested me twice in the warm-ups, and he had much better technique and a really cool accent.  I can't remember how exactly I bested him, but in the end, I was victorious.

photo cred: Eastwood
As you can see, the crowd was enthralled with my performance.  Then there was food, beer, band, and a ghost exit.

A great start to the off-"season?"

I'd say so.

* If no one complains about the misspelling of "unnecessary," all will be for naught.


Anonymous said...

I didn't read your post today because the first thing I saw was that "stupid" photoshopped bell picture. Kind of layed out don't you think? -zzzzzzzzz

Despite not reading any of your post I did however have a grammatical error catch my eye. You spelled "unnecessary" wrong.

dicky said...


You complete me.

Anonymous said...

4 bells is just wreckless.

Anonymous said...

@anononymous#1: As the original complainer of the overdone bell joke, I feel your complaint is a little harsh. Maybe indicative of a deep-seeded resentment over too much bell work?

Personally, I would like to see xylophone mounted on the handlebar with and a little hammer integrated in the dropper lever.