Tuesday, December 24



I've been gifted half an entire day of work today by my employer.  At 1:12 this afternoon, I'm hoping to make this a reality (at an as of yet undisclosed location... probably the Common Market for lack of effort to find a better location).

A great way to start things off.  My Christmas day plans are up in the air, and that is fine with me.  Just another day at this point.  Quite possible that I'll either be shoveling dog poop at the Charlotte Humane Society with The Pie and Nia, or I'll be clearing trail for the Tour duh Charlotte.

Merry Christmas.

Maybe my gift to myself will be bled brakes and fresh (installed) bottom bracket bearings.  I'd like that.  Little else.  Maybe better hair.

I have a happy life and a content one at that.  Fortunate... blessed if you will. 

The only thing I ever really want is more time.  Time without commitments?  Time to ride?

Maybe just time to sleep.

That said, I'm gifting myself a few days off.  Shutting things down here until the new year.  I can use the break.

Things are normally pretty dull around here this time of year, but since joining the Faster Mustache Team of Global Putrification (or at least the portion of the globe located at 35.2269° N, 80.8433° W), my winters are not the time of leisure they used to be.  Preparing for the Tour duh Charlotte and now talks of an attempt to "dominate" the "team thing" at the Charlotte Short Track Series...

not to mention the Icycle, which supposedly has an actual date of January 25th and a small inkling of desire to attend one (just one, as a target of opportunity) Snake Time Trial.

All this really cuts into my ability to be really lazy, organize my glove pile, and go to the mountains to do 20 mile/five hour rides.

See you next week.  Grab a virtual shutdown commemorative t-shirt on your way out (size small only).


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AdamB said...

Happy Xmas, Merry EnduroTM and all that shmooshy stuff. Mostly, let The Pie and Miss Nia know that we at team BluBallz wish them a very wonderful holiday and an awesome 2014. Hugs

Big E said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Dicky. May your trails be filled with flo, gnar and friends. Peace