Monday, December 23

This is what you get

I got out for a ride on the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 with Bill Nye on Saturday.  I have not ridden it since some time in September (I think) save for the Back Yard Experience, where it really only played a supporting role.

So much recent excite over the new big squishy fjork and disposable drooper post on the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6.  I've just ignored the shiny bike in the corner... until the other day.


I forgot that my bottom bracket bearings are shot.  Even though I have two sets of Enduro bearings on the peg board, they are not effective until they are actually installed.  Pretty sure I figured out that I had an issue a couple months ago.  Gotta get on that... but hopefully with more resolve than the last time I noticed it.

The 2.35 Ikon was still mounted up front from when I thought I was gonna race this bike at the Wilkes 100k, but then ended up racing the whole 650b debacle machine.  Gotta say, I feel good about this tire and gotta get some more time on it before the "season."  Way faster than the 2.4 Ardent.


And the last thing,  The rear brake needs to be bled, but in a bad way.  Perhaps on one of these upcoming "holidays," I will take care of that as opposed to staring at a TV or a wall.

Sunday, I gathered with some of the Faster Mustache crew to work on a trail that will be part of the 2014 Tour duh Charlotte.  I don't wanna give away the location, but I'll drop a clue.  We gathered at the end of a quiet road, an area known to many as Big Lover's Lane.

Some of the trail is already built from previous efforts put forth by various Faster Mustaches.  Our goal is to make a pleasant experience that will not require the use of prophylactics.
photo cred: Nike Fedele
Here Zac is removing a small stump whilst trying to not disturb a sleeping grub.  We care that much about your fun and a little creature's sleep habits.

To avoid doing much real labor, I did a lot of "scouting..."

photo cred: Nike Fedele
Wherein, I carried a tool (which I broke while using it incorrectly) and did a lot of pointing and hiding behind trees.  I don't like to brag, but my two and a half months of experience in upper middle management really came in handy.

We will have a quality day in store for those that come to the 2014 Tour duh Charlotte.  No doubt, there will still be some meetings with raised voices and a decent amount of work ahead of us.  Rest assured, we're not happy unless you're happy, and we're a bunch of enthusiastic people who prefer to be happy whenever possible.

And BTW:  If you have not gone over to the Crank Brothers smashing blog post by Team-Robot, you must... now.  It's the kinda post that I feel like I would write if I bothered to take the time, but I never will.  Waking up and just coming off the top of my head has its disadvantages (reduced quality) but also its advantages (reduced effort).  Feel free to  linger and read some of the older stuff while you're there.  Take some time though, as the whole thing has a 2007'ish blog feel to it, rather a jumble of random images, embedded videos, and occasionally a literary gem or two.

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What you get?

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