Friday, December 20

The best things in life are gratuitous

In honor of things that aren't and things that are, I decided to drink the last Happy Ending in the fridge...

being that Sweetwater announced the coming of the 2014 batch.

I've never held onto a beer for nine months.  Never again.  It just tasted like beer.  No rainbows or angels singing when I popped it open.  What a waste.

I almost decided to save it for another time, as I got another care package from Big E.  I tried not to get my hopes up too high, but the last time I got a box from him, I was beyond thrilled.

And the contents did not disappoint.

Oh how I miss thee.  Ever since they were handing them out like candy in Sun Valley, I've just had something for Ninkasi beer.  Nothing like falling in love with something that will never be attainable.  Now I know how Danny Zuko felt about his summer love... well, right before she moved to his high school and he saw her way too much and all the singing happened.

Like Porky's, but with way too many musical numbers and far too little gratuitous nudity.

Anyways, it's nice to hear from readers occasionally, get a little hand written feedback...

or something to keep my beer cold.

In order to keep up with the pleasing of the people, I had been requested to follow up on how my KS LEV drooper is doing.

I had already reported that there was a wiggle right out of the box.

An unanswered email and a follow up call to be told that my experience was normal, in that there was nothing to worry about even if I wasn't normally normal.

But then two weeks ago, I noticed a clunk.

Sorry it was shot with the phone held the wrong way.  Get past that.

One to two millimeters of up-down thunking.  Meh.  A call was placed last Friday.  A message was left.

Time passed.

I called again last night.  "This is not normal," said the voice on the other end.

The good thing is that I was told that it's better that it's happening now as opposed to later.  Now the post goes back in the box and out to California, so I won't be droopy for at least two weeks.

Drooper posts and customer service go together like classic 80s movies and gratuitous boobs, occasional beav shots, and penile humor.

Hmmm... that gives me an idea for the next Team Dicky Meat and Greet.

Stay tuned...


CJ said...

that would annoy the shiz outta me.

Big E said...

Awesome! I'm glad they made it to you in one piece. Thanks again for making great blog all year. Cheers buddy!

Mitch Brendan said...

Been running reverbs on both of my bikes for 2 years and so have my friends with no problems .... You are doing it wrong

dicky said...

27.2 Reverb?