Thursday, December 19

Testing Positive for Negativity

I think the negativity is over... to some degree... for a little while.

A day away from blogging.  Some extra sleep.  A victory over a broken washing machine that made me feel oh so Steve Tilford'esque.

When he isn't making great bike race or writing even greater blog post, he's fixing things... like houses, major household appliances, cars and space shuttles.

So much has happened recently.  The SRAM Discgate has reached Sinyard Level One, calling for a public apology from the president (of SRAM) himself.

Not only has he pulled all 38,000 systems off the market, he's asked the marketing team to create a little more honest advertising.

As much humor as I can find in this, my heart goes out to guys like "well known columnist (and Mike Sinyard love letter writer)" Dean Frieders who owns... or should I say "owned" a disc equipped MOOTS.

I think that bike is hawt.  I would own that bike... probably hate the gears, but hanging on my wall, it would surely impress visitors.

SRAM is doing the right thing by hooking up owners of their flailing hydro system with cable actuated disc brakes, and we all know how awesome they work in the nasty conditions that merit the use of discs... right?

Cane Creek's very own Eric Smith (Team Hoffenchard) thinks canti brakes are just fine.  Not only did he brave the elements at last weekend's NC CX race, he managed to save seven kitties that were stuck in the mud while racing to a top something or other finish.

Cantilever brakes did that.

Positive segue.

Next "season."  It's in the planning stages.

Jan-March.  Not much on the menu.  Will the Icycle XC/Night Downhill happen?  That's the question that's on everyone's lips this time of year.  It's always off until someone says it's on and then it's on like your momma's thong.

Winter short track racing.  Word is that the promoter is thinking about dropping USA Cycling.  I like that.  Makes me feel as giddy as a school girl who likes to race short track.  You like that?  Let him (them) know.

Snake Time Trial Series.  Every year I get asked if I'm going.  Then I look at the logistics, the cost, my physical fitness levels... then I pass.  Looks so good.  I just need a bit more than intrinsic motivation to make it happen. 

Faster Mustache will be bringing back the Tour duh Charlotte in March.  My fingers will be in that pie, so much of the focus of that month will be on helping make it happen.

And then in May, I start making great bike race...

More later (but not soon).


Andrea said...

Sure, they're taking great care of the consumer, but how the f*ck do they plan on compensating the bike shops that have to deal with the immense amount of labor involved with the recall? We talked about it on Just Riding Along the other night and estimated that it's about 8 hours, total, that a shop employee is going to spend between customer/SRAM communication, uninstalling/mailing the recalled brakes, installing the temporary replacements, then un-installing those and re-installing the hydro replacements once they're back.
If they don't reimburse shops more than a couple of free chains, that's a pretty bum deal.

dicky said...

Who cares about local bike shops? I bought my SRAM Red 22 online, so I'm just gonna take my brakes to...


Yeah, what about those local bike shops?

Maybe SRAM will make them a cake.

The Los said...

Andrea- Bum deal is right. We were offered only 2 1091 chains per brake set as compensation.
Totally sucks.


AdamB said...

Who told SRAM that a high-end chain was equal to gold bars and rubies? That said, I have always been a huge fan of SRAM and the way they have supported me/my shops over the years, but this is another level. Code Red indeed! I hope they not only turn this debacle around quickly but that they truly support their dealers as well. Keep us in the loop Andrea.

Tim Smith said...
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Tim Smith said...

the upside is that three months from now I should be able to get a good deal on a set of slightly used Red Mechanical Shifters.
Also, I need to all my dump all my stock in 1091 chain currency before the market is saturated. I remember the day when a 1091 could buy a tank of gas... now you won't even be able to buy a loaf of bread with a master link. I'm buying futures in cable ends and bar plugs.

Lastly, if you need a place to stay for Snake, my basement is available, ~40 minutes from the start in Chattanooga.