Thursday, December 5

Loneliness of the Long Distance Punner

Last night, I was going to have the house to myself... a great time to learn how to bleed my XTR brakes... something I've successfully avoided for months now.

Around 3:30PM, Bill Nye was desperately seeking company via FaceMessages for the NoDa Brewing Run Club Wednesday night affair.  I do not run and have no plans to start, but the run did begin and end at a brewery and it would mean I could put off the whole "bleeding brakes" thing.

I was in.

Three options: one mile, three miles, and five miles.  Don't wanna do the sport distance.  Give me five, despite the fact that I don't run.

Rode home after work, ate an avocado with salsa, washed it down with a beer, grabbed my fourteen year old racing flats, and hopped in the car with Bill Nye and Ramsay.

Assimilated with the group, crossed North Davidson en masse, and into the neighborhoods trying to not step on people's heels.  The one milers broke off soon, then the three milers... and then Bill Nye and I were out there with some other guy who was doing the five for the first time.


We held up a bit, found someone who knew where they were going, occasionally got our bearings, and ended up back at the brewery in 40 minutes.  Didn't think I'd be able to do eight minute miles off the couch... perhaps it was the knowledge of running towards beer. 

Damage report.  One aggravated toe injury, an odd blister the size of a dime behind the ball of my right foot, very tight quads, a slight hangover, and still unbled brakes.

Right where I left it.

I'm coming up with a plan in regards to the SSUSA VS SSWC thing...

I got a decent amount of feedback... not here but on Facebook and in PM's/emails, although Jason of XXC Mag fame left a lengthy comment here basically telling me to make my decision based on mosquito populations of each area.   I'll admit, I skimmed it.

I also finally came to terms with the Dirt Rag containing my final Wasupwidis article.  To my surprise, there was an entire article on Copper Harbor, and there is indeed more to ride than just the twenty miles of trail I thought was available.  A large contingent from the 2012 Breck Epic frat house is already signed up along with a fellow Charlottean (Eastwood), so...

I'm gonna register before it fills up.  Will I go?  Dunno.  I still have to contend with the logicitics... the cheapest option might be to have a personal airport built for my travels to Dafuq, Michigan.

I'm gonna do my best to wrangle up a plan.  If I don't go, I'll either sell my registration or insist they spend my $65 on piƱatas filled with peanut M&M's and tater tots.

As far as SSWC goes, I might just attend anyways.  I still have to discuss my "season" with The Pie later this week, and I plan on slowly sharing it with the class for input in the near future.

Non-negotiables in 2014?

The fifth installment of the Trans-Sylvania Epic and the 19th Annual Tour de Burg.

They will and must happen*.

*Unless I win a stupid contest or get some industry insider douchebaggy opportunity.


Eric Wever said...

Also non-negotiable: PMBAR

Junk said...

Copper Harbor, MI. Looks like a Bear Grylls destination.

dicky said...

Without saying, PMBAR and 111K. I was just talking about major involved road trip events.

BUCK said...

Looking forward to my dose of Dickey at both of those travel events. They're the hardest! Save your $$ for me, I'll put you on the schedule.

Chip Batson said...

Don't go chasing waterfalls....

dicky said...

Sign me up for dinner time Flip n Sips, Buck.