Friday, December 6

Who's in charge of me?

Well, I accidentally selected my "Sleep in Wednesdays" alarm last night.  The good news being that I got an extra 50 minutes of sleep.  The bad news being that I don't have time for a decent blog post or even the less than decent kind you're used to.

My apologies.

You now get recycled FaceLeaks and whatever else I can bang out in twenty minutes.

I was a little pissed about something I read on the Jingle Cross Rock FacePage, which I can no longer find, but I assure you that USAC is doing a fine job at nothing but being themselves.  Taking money from the mouths of babes...

There was some good news yesterday.

Probably the first time I've ever registered for a race more than a thousand miles from my home with no idea how I'm getting there, where I'm staying, or with whom I'm traveling.  I see great opportunities for fail here.  I also wanted to discuss the first part of my "season" today in an effort to get some input...

Guess that will happen later.

And one more final bit.

Stevil will be writing for Dirt Rag... I assume starting with the next issue that falls in your IRL mailbox.  I must say that goes into the Does Not Suck column.  This is really great for me, as I'll get one more page of original content to read.  This is also great for Stevil, as he won't have to sell as many stickers in order to finance his Budweiser habit and bingo addiction.

Anf finally, as sore as I was yesterday from my ill-advised five mile run with Bill Bye two days ago, I am now in seven times more pain this morning.

Like Kathy Bates took a sledgehammer to my legs sore.

Something like that, but worse.

1 comment:

AdamB said...

Reminds me of the famous E. Wever quote:
"I ride like a bag of hammers."
Have a good weekend, gimpy.