Friday, January 17

Back to the "season"

Getting back to a topic I started some time ago (so long I don't remember when and can't even find the post), let's get back to discussing the "season."


As always, the "season" really begins at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek (already sold out).

In an effort to mix things up in 2014, I'll be racing in the 80+ duo class with local old guy, E-Hag.  As opposed to last year's just for fun, show up very hungover, and barely survive approach to the coed duo race, E-Hag and I are in it to win it.  I'm not saying that I'll start training in March, but I won't show up with four hours of sleep smelling like last night's shaky drinks.

And if all goes according to plan, I will leave immediately after we take the top step of the podium and head to Virginia for the...

I've been wanting to do this for years.  The date always sneaks up on me and I can't squeeze it in.  It has floated around the month of May, but most recently it's landed on the day after Warrior Creek.  Fuck it.  I'll do them both...

I think.

And then there's nothing until May, but I love May.

PMBAR (already sold out)

and the Pisgah 55.5K the very next day?

We'll see about that.  I'm planning on staying somewhere a little more cush and close by in order to pull it off, and I will prepare for two long days in the woods when I pack my car.  That said, I can't guarantee I'll be up for it, although I don't wanna punk out either.
And then of course, there is the Trans-Sylvania Epic at the end of the month.

What can I say?  I love this race.  Leading up to it this year, I should have some articles posted over on Blue Ridge Outdoors, thus continuing my Junior Level status as an industry insider douchebag. I may actually have a shot at doing well again.  As rumor has it, the consumption of alcohol may have to be a little more low-key this year.  With fewer opportunities to sabotage myself, who knows what I might be capable of results-wise?  Last year, I was a shit show from just about the moment I crossed the finish line until I went to bed.

Sorry, Buck.  Looks like no flip-and-sip massage time.  We'll always have Paris.

Another race I've told myself to do for years, but due to previous iterations being the week before ORAMM, I took a pass to keep myself fresh for the big show?

June has been a dry month in the Southeast for endurance racing ever since we lost the Cowbell Classic.  This is my type of event, back country, not 100 miles, stupid easy driving distance, and free camping.  Stoke levels are high for this event... although it should leave me pretty torn up just a few days before the 2014 Tour de Burg (yes, I plan on coming back... turning down a chance to redeem my "shitty" performance at the BC Bike Race).

That's the first six months of the year.  Things get real unsteady after that. 


Serve up suggestions where you see holes.


Anonymous said...

You and Haggerty are a team? Shit, I think one or the other by yourselves could probably beat my team. Good luck man.

BUCK said...

It appears that we'll have two stage experiences to share in this year.

Anonymous said...

Any dates for the only race that matters this year?

dicky said...

around the 4th of July... all I know.