Tuesday, January 21

Struggling to eventually succeed

I had some success over the weekend... not without some frustration.

My KS LEV drooper showed up in the mail.  Same dirty post, hopefully something different on the inside.  I put it back on the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6.  That was not without its moments.  That little red cap that covers the part where the cable attaches?

It's only held in with a thin o-ring and a friction fit... and the red cover is not just decorative.  The o-ring split when I reinserted it, and I quickly found out it keeps the cable paw grabby thing in place.

Such a thin o-ring... gonna be hard to replace at a hardware store.  I pilfered something close from a bag of small Industry Nine parts... close.  Not enough.  A zip-tie now holds it in place.  And the return action seems slower than before (more later).

Rode with Bill Nye TSG Saturday.  I noticed that he owns (and uses) the same bike computer I own (and don't use).  I told him I planned on using it at the short track next week to keep up with the elapsed time and not let the race get away from me due to ignorance.  Later that day, I found it where I left it, noticed the blank screen, pulled the battery, noticed it was the same size that's in one of my blinkies, pulled my blinkie apart, swapped the battery... nothing.  I contacted Bill Nye to whine.

Yes, there was something in the instruction manual (which I kept right next to the computer) about this.  Whatever.
Sunday, I helped Kangalangmangus finish his ROS 9 build.  Not much to do, but with a trip to Bike Source to procure some toobless juice and a noodle for his Thomson drooper post (why they don't use a noodle is one of my only peeves with the post), it took longer than anticipated.  In the end, he had a bike that was rideable and a drooper  that made me jelly.

My KS LEV is s-l-o-w.  Meh.

Thanks to my benevolent employers, I got a paid day off for MLK.  Zac and I decided to do some early morning scopeage of potential venues and routes for the upcoming Tour duh Charlotte.  I haven't truly bike-bushwhacked in an urban environment for some time.  It was interesting.

Four and half hours, 35+ miles, a false start getting out the door due to a flat, one hundred ditches jumped, some trespassing, one emergency morning constitution, many discussions, one bloody nose and lots of head scratching.


The Los said...

Hey, look at the bright side- your glacially-slow return means your saddle won't pop up and crush your testicles when the grabber-thingy pops out.


AdamB said...

Well, I certainly know what drooper post I WON'T be spending my hard-earned shekels on...

John said...


Anonymous said...

I always appreciate your reviews Dicky.
When I was 1st looking into getting a dropper seemed like all the review sources (MTBR) were singing high praise of the KS LEV...
I'll get a dropper soonish, thanks for helping narrow my search a bit.

Anonymous said...

On the KS Lev did you adjust the return speed. I just added more air pressure to get return rate faster. They recommend between 150-250psi.

dicky said...

The 27.2 is not adjustable like the larger models. Return rate is set by the manufacturer.

I guess I should have (re)mentioned that.

Rob said...

So wait until Mayish for the Thomson dropper I guess?