Thursday, February 20

Have you seen my shit?

I am losing my shit.  I've given up on looking for it.  I'm hoping to have it back by next weekend.

The only good thing to come out of this is that while googling for a picture of a  "man looking for something" for this post, I came across an image of Jonah Falcon.  This directed my attention to an article about him being frisked by TSA... which is interesting because he has the world's largest penis.

A false start on a "diet," a trip to the dentist that will require another trip to the dentist, weeks since I've been on a real mountain bike ride, even more weeks since I've been to the mountains, the never ending saga that is my experience with a KS LEV drooper and the manufacturer's less than Crank Brothers proficient customer service, plumbing that was replaced in the front yard which created a sinkhole after the recent snow, my throbbing toe, my other throbbing toe, slow season at work, my plans for NAHBS crumbling before me, work that needs to be done before the Tour duh Charlotte with little time to do it...

On top of all that, The Pie is leaving me today.

For five days.

She's off to go run a half (of an entire) marathon in Florida.  I am to be at home, in charge of dog and child, food and shelter... basically not catch anything on fire.

This means the final short track race that shoulda been last week but wasn't will now be a family affair.  The awards after the race, which will be held at a brewery, are now more of an inconvenience than a celebration of five hard weeks of racing.  The single speed race will be over by 1:40PM, the party starts at 4:00PM, awards shortly thereafter.  A lot of time to kill and no beer to be drank.  A child with a bag full of books and a desire to go home and be with her hamster.

The bright side of all this?

Firstly, The Pie will not be here to cook meals.  She does a bang up job on dinner most nights, and I do what I can to show my appreciation by vigorously overeating.  With me in control of the stove for five days, Nia will get her own meal made just for her.  I get vegetables and eggs.  After five days of that, I'm hoping to be in the healthy eating habit mode and to stay that way for awhile.

More good news?

I will have turned the corner on the off "season."  No more short track racing, drooper post ready (I hope) to go to the mountains, Tour duh Charlotte and NAHBS just around the corner, an exercise routine to commence (just chin ups but it's something), real racing to start in a month, earlier wake ups to get in longer commutes...

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Registration is up for the Tour duh Charlotte. Only $25 for the whole experience which will last the better part of the day (depending on how late you stay to drink beer).  Limited field sizes.  We expect to sell out.  Prize bags will be fully loaded with products from out sponsors.  Good times guaranteed or your time back (assuming we have the time travel machine up and running before then on Kickstarter).

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