Monday, February 17

Two steps foward

Firstly and foremostly, happy birthday to The Pie. You are as old as me for the next four months. I remember when I was 44...  not really.

Now back to me and my problems.

I am nowhere if not behind where I was before.

No short track race yesterday... canceled because the Parks and Recs Department shut down all non-essential events in order to put all available employees to the task of melting snow with their minds.  Shoulda held the race without them.

Two days gone to the snow during the last work week.

Two days gone with no short track racing and no open trails to ride anywhere.

Two days gone listening to Too Daze Gone all weekend.

Not a good time to be an anal compulsive person trying to lose weight, trapped in a disorderly bike room with close proximity to food and beer.

That "diet" that I started on February 1st?  It's only a diet in that assorted foodstuffs were consumed and a change in weight occurred, just inversely in direction and intention.  No one put the food in my mouth, but I still blame Sideshow Garth "Buju Banton" Prosser.

Plenty of time to organize the bike room.  Gloves and hats categorized and piled according to usage patterns, material, and brand.

Last week as I was rebuilding my tarck bike, I realized that if I worked in a bike shop, my employer would probably be disappoint in my methodology.  I did the whole thing sitting on the floor surrounded by bike parts, tools and degreaser... and sometimes using my feet as a third and fourth hand.  It dawned on me that I should have been doing this work on one of my two work benches, but they are both covered in parts, stickers, pieces of multi-tools, lube, short track trophies, sunglasses, rechargeable batteries, bolts, rubber bands, and the Vertigo (albeit in pieces minus the frame).

I started with the Vertigo (pieces) because it felt like being one more step closer to having it.

Pedals and seatpost shim pointlessly installed to save room on the table.  Other things shuffled about, tossed aside, tucked away or simply thrown out.  I now have a workable surface (three days too late).

Victory for now. 

Looking for other pointless things to do, I found one.
These are my guest zip-ties.

Handy and always at the ready.  For guests, as they are generally recycled from the streets of uptown Charlotte, the handiwork of littering city employees and lazy contractors.  I don't generally buy zip-ties, but when I do, they are high quality, small and black... and all for me.  I normally leave them in the original bag, but decided to make something a little more peg board friendly for my pleasure.

A piece of crabon frok steer tube, a wine cork, and some whittling.  My extreme satisfaction in a job well done using recycled goods is only tainted by the fact that it didn't take up more of my free time. 

I'm losing my mind.

No blog tomorrow or Wednesday.  I have an early morning appointment with my dentist tomorrow.  Not sure what he needs to do, but I overheard him saying something about needing a bigger motor for his boat.

Wednesday is the lord's day as always. 

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