Friday, February 14

Flexy not Sexy

I have to go back to work today.  1.5 hour delay... enough time for ice on the roads to melt (on the main roads), just enough time for three to four of the five miles between me and the big building to be turned into deep slush fields.  It will be interesting, so there's that to look forward to today.  Bike selection will be easy. although it seems like just yesterday I cleaned off the last dose of brine.

The tarck bike, while fendered, will not cut it in the slush.  One mountain bike being steel with a $1,000 squishy fork and the other bare aluminum.  Sorry "cross" bike.  You have been chosen.

Having the past two days off was a nice break from reality, although cabin fever was already setting in. I had promised myself I would write the next installment of the Blue Ridge Outdoors Trans-Sylvania Epic lead-in articles, but the creative lobe of my brain was also closed due to inclement weather.  I took to performing brainless tasks instead.

The Fastest Bike in the World hasn't had any real maintenance in years.  Regardless of the fact that it's in use five days a week, parked and ridden in the rain, put away wet and for the most part ignored, it always seems to fare pretty well.  I always tell myself I'll get to it on a rainy day...

I don't think I've ever maintained the 1" threaded Cane Creek headset since I installed it... ummmmm.. a long time ago.  I pulled the bearings out, but not without issues.  I used a curved dental pick to pull out the lower bearing, and while my attention was anything but full, I found it hanging out of the end of my middle finger.

I'm sure the chances of infection are slim to none.

The Dura Ace bottom bracket hasn't been pulled in some time, and I seem to remember the last time I did, it was still full of fresh grease.  This time, not so much.

The grease was shite.  Black as Peter's heart.

Half a can of Pro Gold Foaming Citrus Degreaser (most of it ending up in my self-inflicted puncture wound) to remove years worth of gunk?  Mebbe. I guess the neatest thing about the whole (miserable) experience is grabbing those rarely used tools off the pegboard and proving their worth.  Pin spanner, fixed cup and lock ring tools, cone wrenches, crank puller... almost museum artifacts at this point.  I will say that I can't imagine any modern bottom bracket design would still be running under the same conditions after all these years...

But it is flexy.

Speaking of flexy, I noticed something interesting on the Tenth Anniversary Misfit Psycles diSSent frame.

I don't think of Peter's frames when I hear the word "flexy,' but this always comes to mind:

I needed to know more, but being that Peter is behind all this, his lack of efforts and attention to detail left me guessing.

Looking at this image, I think I have it figured out.  The new Tenth Anniversary Misfit Psycles diSSent frame comes with the world's lightest dropper post.  I appears to be lever actuated.

By "lever," I mean 5mm allen wrench.

By "actuated," I mean you pull it out of the QR collar, insert it into the bolt, turn the "lever" counter-clockwise, lower your saddle, and then turn the "lever" clockwise to secure your saddle height.

Genius.  Dare I say cutting edge?

No.  No edges were cut, although costs certainly were.

The folks at KS LEV could learn a thing or two from this design in terms of reliability.  I doubt Peter will be fielding a lot of warranties with this bullet-proof drooper.

This is all just conjecture at this point as I haven't spoken to Peter since he walked through a sewage field in 2012.

Since I already (essentially) have a 10th anniversary frame, I won't be getting one.  Being that Peter will no longer "sponsor" any "athletes" after his experience with me, you best order yours by tomorrow if you want to save a  bunch of money and get a t-shirt and limited edition (green) things on your frame.  The $650 price goes away tomorrow at Canadian midnight, and then the price goes up and the amount of free shit goes down.

Final short track race this Sunday.  It will be a mess...

and this just in, the final race has been postponed till next week.

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