Thursday, February 13

I'm deep

Sorry I did not wake up earlier to write a post.  I saw no point in getting up at 6:30AM to see if I was getting another paid snowcation day.  Charlotte was creamed (not in a Northeast Ohio way, but in more of a "we have nothing to handle this much fluffy/icy precipitation" way).  I highly doubt this city will get moving again until the weekend.

So when I woke up yesterday and found myself with an empty day in front of me, I logged into the world from my bike room and saw that the link on my Facebook wall to Tuesday's post had been removed.

I clicked continue and learned all my valuable Facelessons before being allowed to continue my Faceday.

"Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved. We also impose limitations on the display of nudity. We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo's David or family photos of a child breastfeeding."

This is the now edited version of what got me put in timeout:

I'm befuddled.  To think that one of my "friends" was offended by some sideways man-ass shot of Bill the Thrill?  We're friends. right?  You asked for this... next time, please unfriend me instead and you'll never see Bill's ass or Dip n Spray's balls... or Dejay's balls... or anything ever again.

What did I actually get done yesterday?

I finalized my registration for the Trans-Sylvania Epic, dotting the i's, crossing the t's, filling in the blanks where needed.

So happy to be going back.  Equally happy to be posting up on Blue Ridge Outdoors leading up to the  event and after.  Almost as happy knowing that The Angry Singlespeeder is coming too.

We texted back and forth like giddy teenagers for awhile before I realized my iPhone has a phone app.  I called him and we chatted about old times and the prospect of future travels together.  He also told me about the dark underbelly of The Industry and how well a big mouth like his is accepted.   For example, when you click this link:

 You now get this:

You can be angry, Mr Singlespeeder... just not today.  At least he didn't try to submit an article about his scrotum.  The Industry frowns on such things.

I did head out for my obligatory southerner token bike ride in the snow.  Before I could leave, I had to install the backup KS LEV drooper post on my Enduro™ bike.

I waited all day for maximum snow coverage and then waited too long.  A wintery mix started about the same time I headed out the door.  Stupid.

It was as lame as I remember riding in the snow ever was in Ohio.  Slipping, sliding, almost busting my ass, getting caught in car tire tracks or unexpectedly finding myself on a glazed over ice patches... brilliant.  I eventually made it to my goal, the McAlpine Greenway which has very little "alpine" about it, but in the sense that McBreakfast is "breakfast," McAlpine is "alpine."

The ride over was relatively treacherous.  The neighborhoods between here and there are quite hilly.  There's a descent close by where one can achieve 40MPH+ (if you pedal a geared road bike in a 53X11 and blow through two stops signs at the top).  I also took the obligatory "Who needs a fat-bike?" photo documenting that I at least went out of the house to prove some kind of point which I am still trying to figure out today.

I tried to ride some "legal" singletrack in the park, it sucked, I left.

On the way outta the park, I struggled to make it up a hilly road that hadn't seen any traffic yet.  I had to push.  That's when I saw someone on skis...

Never seen that on a ride in Charlotte before.  We chatted about the absurdity of it all for a bit and then I rode the rest of the way home being pelted with sleet about the face.

The rest of the day was more or less laying on the couch with a sick kid watching a movie.

Oh yeah, yesterday we honored the seven year anniversary of this life event:

Seven years ago, I met my daughter.  Wow.


Rob said...

The booty loop in the snow is always entertaining...

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter! Being a parent is about the most meaningful thing we will ever get to do on this earth!


Will Repsher said...

No ASS article but WOW! what a great financing offer on the new Lynskey!

Matthew said...

And yet facebook is fine with stuff that's oh so much worse:

Keep blogging ass TD, just don't tell fb.