Thursday, March 20

A hurried new bike update accompanied by blurry images

Yes, the VertDickgo Meatplow V.7 showed up Tuesday evening.  Work had to be done.  Kangalangmangus came over to look inside the tubes and scrutinizingly at the welds before I could even get a headset cup pressed in.  I installed the sliders and weighed it first, of course.

I built it knowing that I would not get to ride it until the last few details were ironed out.  Finished what I could, weighed it as complete (sorta), and stared at its magnificence.  I then decided I wanted the pink Industry Nine Torch wheels with silver Enduro/Trail rims on this bike, which meant the pink Industry Nine Torch wheels with black Enduro/Trail rims needed to go on the Stickel and the pink Industry Nine (non-Torch) wheels with white Stan's Crest rims needed to go on the Misfit.  All the tires, rotors and cogs were originally in the right place and would need swapped accordingly... which took me about two hours (give or take) last night with only one tire outta six being mounted backwards on the first try.

I took some terrible photos this morning tainted by the harsh ambient fluorescence in my bike room.

Ano'ed head badge... total weight?  Like nothing.

Sweet custom serial non-number on the bottom bracket shell... with inspirational message...

WWTD... had to scratch my head for all of .5 seconds to remember to put this on ASAP.

This is sure to motivate me to do something... or nothing.  Either way, it's a win.

142X12 sliders holding a wheel in a half-assed manner with a noncorrect thru-sküür.  You might noticed that Sean doesn't Scotch Brite or blast his tubes/welds... what you see is what you get.  Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere to go.

Who made my bike?

Not robots.  Says so.

So maybe I get to ride it next weekend... if not, perhaps at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek where I have ridden a new bike for the first time at least twice already.

Stoked to wake up today to six fully inflated tires and no rubbing rotors.  I accomplished the things, which for me is an accomplishment in and of itself.


Rob said...


Chris said...

Good call not hanging the scale in the doorway again.

Anonymous said...

What's the weight difference b/t the Vertigo frame & by:Stickel?

Anonymous said...

I thought you hated sliders, now its sliders everywhere. I'm pretty sure your wheel is going to be crooked.

dicky said...

The Stickel was in the 5.2-5.5lb range, the Vertigo is 3.72lb. Don't remember.

My first sliders did not had shallow button head bolts and no washers. Huge PITA. I had a few other issues with them, but I think I rehashed that somewhere else. No crooked wheel here.

Anonymous said...


Will Repsher said...

Congrats. And good call on the pink/silver I9s.

Bill Showers said...

That's such a bad ass bicycle.