Tuesday, March 18

That was something else

I might missed a few details about Friday night.  Things that went unremembered until phones were checked with clear heads on Monday morning.

That happened.

So did this:

I might have a picture of someone splayed out in my front yard after almost making it back home without incident, but it is actually so blurry... I just won't bother.

So back to the real story.

We left the show after seeing Don Jr from Anvil and decided that eating before the Official Unofficial NAHBS Party as opposed to going for a scenic pre-party ride around the city with 200 other people was a good idea.  While eating, we may have witnessed the man who stole the bike from NAHBS pilfer a shaker of Parmesan cheese from Fuel Pizza.  We had no idea that he was on a thieving spree.  We mighta said something.

We rolled over to The Spoke Easy, and the scene was something to behold.  I have been to many parties there in the past, and the sheer number of bikes and people... impressive.

We let everybody roll over to the secondary "secret" party location before we left.  It was hard to see the need to hurry to stand in line for beer.  Once there, I saw many things, took photos of none.

Fortunately Kevin (AKA Street Ghost) was there, his images telling the story better than my words.

photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost
Tussled Hair Club for Men

I promised myself three things; throttle back on the beer since Friday night took some of the wind outta my sails, no dancing, and no Gold Sprints.

Two out of three ain't bad.

photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost
Yes, I raced against Toree... but only after I found out that I actually beat her the last time she challenged me (I swore I lost decisively).  Only one go at it this time for me.  Much more fun to watch others destroy themselves to the point of almost vomiting.
photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost 
The scene was about as tragically hipster as possible, but inside those neat little labels we tack onto certain people, there are actual humans inside... except this guy.  Party robot.

photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost 
And there were like a billion other people there as well.

 photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost

 photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost

photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost

photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost

photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost

 photo cred: Kevin/Street Ghost

It was a party for the ages.  Once they rolled down the door on the warehouse (and then rolled it back up again to see if Ryan P was passed out inside only to have him wander around the corner wondering why we were going back in) and then rolled it back down, the party was moving on.  I explained to Watts that the party was heading to the other side of the planet and that I lived on a whole 'nother planet that we would have to return to eventually.  We quietly bailed into the night.

A guy rode off from the party on a stolen bicycle.

Jon Danger cut the end of his finger off and ended up in the ER.

Watts and I managed to retain all of our fingers and bicycles.  I feel like we won.

Thanks everyone who made the weekend (plus some) so much fun.  I can't wait till NAHBS comes back in 2059.

Oh yeah, prolly have the new bike built by Thursday.

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the original big ring said...

That hair?!? Seriously?? You working on the ultimate comb-over to facial hair look? Friggin hippy. A stint in 'Nam would straighten out your britches.

Hugs and kisses