Monday, April 21

Back up and running (on reserve power)

That was an intense week.  I haven't moved in ten years.  I didn't recall it taking years off my life last time.  It certainly did this go around.  It's not an easy task for an anal compulsive idiot like me, and I believe my compulsivisity has gotten much worse over the last decade.

I've been fueled by coffee, Pop Tarts, and beer for seven days.  Yes, beer.  I know I said there would be no buying of any beer to put in my own fridge until PMBAR, but how I ever thought I was going to get through this move without it?  Beats me.

Every morning, it was up and boxing things and loading them into the Honda Fit of Rage.   I'd make a quick trip to new house, dump the load, go home, go to work.  Come home from work, do the same.  Morning runs powered with coffee, evening runs kept tolerable with beer.  By Saturday morning, it was Stabby, Kangalangamangus, Zac, and a U Haul truck.  Nothing but heavy furniture and appliances to be loaded in the rain.  Before noon, all the shit was in the house.  Kangalangamangus stuck around to help with things like clogged gutters, swapping the fridge doors to a more kitchen friendly but less beer accessable direction, pegboard assembly, stair runners to keep senior citizens canines from busting ass... you name it.  Then I was left under my own recognizance.

This is where the anal compulsion kicks in.

Intense focus followed by intense distraction followed by intense focus.

I see my go-to Paragon Machine Works ti bottle opener (thanks, Thad) lying on the mantle.  It needs addressed immediately, lest it be lost in the jumble.

Hell be damned whatever it was I might have been doing before.  There will be no going back to it as I will have no idea exactly what it was I was doing before I found the bottle opener.
The Boy has told me that when you have cable internet, sometimes certain stations come with the service.  Since the rabbit ears were sucking balls at capturing signals from the air, a process that took embarrasingly long to arrive at what would have been a logical process had I started where I ended.  All the channels found... or not.  Where's NBC?  What's even on NBC?  I can't remember watching it since 30 Rock went off the air.  Still, I haz to haz it.  Another thirty minutes gone and I never could find it.  Maybe they went outta business.

All these distractions mean that my bike room is anything but done.

Sorry about the worse than usual photo, but I live in a split level now.  For the time being, the home computer is in a sad corner in The Pie's office.  I refuse to go back down the thirteen steps to try and take another photo.  Once I get things situated, a better introduction to Bike Room 2.0 will be had.

And about living in a split level...

The coffee is on Floor 1.5.  The bike room is on Floor 1, and the office is on Floor 2.  This is exhasuting.  I need coffee on every floor right now.

At some point during this post, the batteries died in the mouse.  Obtaining new batteries from the jumble?  Yet another time consuming quest.

Did I mention that I'm exhausted?


Gary said...

A 140lb man burns about 9 calories for every minute walking up stairs. So after about 3 weeks, you've burned off an entire bottle of beer. silver linings

Bill Nye TSG said...

NBC was bought by Jerry Seinfeld for $4 million and turned into a Lane Bryant.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a shed at your new abode?

dicky said...

It's like a shed.