Tuesday, April 22

Light at the end of the hole in the mountain

I am sore.

Like all over.

I have a long list of injuries.  From a sliver of metal that shredded off of a Phillips head screw that found it's way into my finger to multiple bruises on my thighs.  I can't lift my messenger bag over my head without my right tricep feeling as if it's torn.  The callus on the ball of my left foot is cracked.  I sliced my toe open on my Raxter rack while loading the back of the Honda Fit of Rage.

I could go on.  I won't.

I may have pushed myself a little too hard.  I know at one point I ate a bowl full of baked beans with tater tots and Cholula sauce lazily tossed and poured on top.  I didn't brush my teeth until 9:00PM on Friday.  I realized that I hadn't brushed while out on a one hour mountain bike ride (when I saw the incoming rain about to close the trails for the weekend), but I rode it as fast as possible taking in zero of the moment.  Business time.

It was another long one yesterday.  Shit to do at the old house.  Shit that needed to be done at the new.

Having the headquarters of my operation in The Pie's office felt like living with my mom.  Nothing wrong with it, just feels better getting out on my own.  My own shitty little world in the prison morgue... now with Pandora.  I still need to take a circular saw to the bench/desk thing and get my chair away from the entrance to the creepy Vacation Bible School room.   Eventually.

My pride and joy is still in shambles.

Expect the shitty (shittier than normal) photos to continue for some time.  Lighting is the last priority right now.

I'm gonna have to get the pegboard back up and running.  I need to get some work done on the VerDickgo Meatplow V.7 (sadly propped in the stand) ASAP.  My tools are in that tub and the random mailing envelopes on scattered about on the floor.  Around the corner, PMBAR is.  Ready, I am not.  90% of my energies for quite some time have been poured into the move at a time when I'm normally thinking PMBAR, PMBAR, PMBAR, cookies, PMBAR.

That's it for now... mostly because every time I hit the period key, I pause and look around the room... eventually staring off into space.  I do plan on this becoming a bike blog in the near future.

For more bike related content, please go over to Blue Ridge Outdoors and read my most recent piece that was written well before I slipped into a move related coma.


Anonymous said...

Would you like some cheese with your whine(ing)?

Somebody call the Waaaaaaaaambulance.

Anonymous said...

Worst three paragraphs I have ever read in my life. Like taco bell's burrito meat, your posts are 80% filler.

Save us the trouble and just type "sawdust" over and over again, with random bike culture terms spiced throughout...

Or just show us pictures of old saddles and pink bike parts.

John said...

If you think you lag on bike maintenance now, give it a couple of months in a dimly lit room...