Thursday, April 24


Nothing negative today.  All positive.

Not all efforts put forth in settling into the new abode have been selfless in nature.  Life is not all hanging curtains and installing doorstops.  I got my pegboard back in order on Tuesday.  I won't bother showing you a picture since it is set up exactly the way it was before thanks to the several closeups I took before disassemblage. 

While counting holes and sticking in hooks, this came on Pandora:

Coincidentally, I was wearing my galea while organizing my pegboard (as I tend to do).

Anyways, having that part of my life back together, I was able to work on the VerDickgo Meatplow V.7 and complete it's PMBAR related transition.

This is how it will be from now until the Trans-Sylvania Epic when all the enabler parts will be removed and things will be the way (G)od meant them to be.

I can't complain about working on my own bike and getting it ready for PMBAR though.  My partner, also known as Zac, also also known as the Outdoorster...

has had a much harder road to travel in getting his bike ready.  Here is his racing machine as it sat on April 4th:

That is much less bike than I would have liked to see in a text from my partner a month before the big show that we have never made much of an impact at as racers (we've handled the after party quite splendidly though).
A few days later, he sent me this:

That's looking like a bike, minus the parts and some plumbing issues.

And on April 14th, I saw this on my texting device:

A living room water bottle holder!

All looked good until Zac discovered that no one had a 44mm head tube reamer in their toolbox and one had to be ordered post haste. 

So we both have bikes now (I assume) and neither one of us is currently sick.  Assuming neither of us brakes an axle or suffers from a reading comprehension disorder this year, we might have a shot at living up to our potential... regardless of the fact that we both haven't been riding as much as we should have considering all that is and will be PMBAR... next week.


John Parker said...

and the reason for the time warp drops outs on Zac's waterbottle holder is?

dicky said...

He's an Olivia Newton John fan.

He likes his dropouts like how he likes to get physical.

john said...

Hey Dicky, now that you've ridden the vertigo, care to compare it with the meatcarver?

dicky said...