Tuesday, April 1

Moving more than bowels this morning

 I had mentioned other things that were going on here... things that are bigger than the upcoming arrival of my Race Face Next Sl crank.  I know, how can anything be bigger than that?

They were sitting in Charlotte at one minute to midnight on Sunday, which is nowhere as cool as two minutes to midnight and still amazing that I did not see them on Monday and even more so that they are still only expected on Wednesday.

Anyways, something more important than that.


A barren wall, one formerly festooned with number plates aplenty and a shelf loaded down with ProGold stuff.  WTF?

We're moving.  Packing up our shit and heading south and east... all of about 1.3 miles from our current abode.  The reasons are many as well as few.  It was not an easy decision to make.  We've been here for ten years, and that's longer than I've lived in any one place since I was eighteen.

This is not an April's Fool joke.  If it were, it would be one of the worst in history.  The Pie, Nia and I are headed to what could be considered a better place, but in the eyes of the two adults doing all the work and paying the bills, it's just another place.

What will this mean for things around here?  My bike room is moving.  Bigger, better and shorter.  The pegboard must be cleared of all the well organized tools and disassembled.

While waiting for that large Bill Fehr© image to load, I clicked back over to FaceBook to kill time.  I read that someone was upset because the movie Noah was "not at all based on biblical fact."  I almost went back to bed.

Back to whatever...

I will have to shut things down here around the time of the move.  The brownout will occur between Apr 16th and the 20th.  Three of those days, I wouldn't have been posting anyways.  Still, I know this will be a problem for some.

I am truly sorry.  I will be too busy wrapping cone wrenches in cheesecloth and triple bubble wrapping my Park Tool tensiometer.  I can't say that I won't have time, it's just that I won't make time.  My world will be in a state of disarray with all my tools, tires, shoes, gloves and tiny hats in boxes and bags.  I will need to bring order to my world before I can get back to (a state as close to) normalcy.

I must head out the door soon.  I only have four days to train for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  Base miles today, intervals on Wednesday, Thursday is recovery, and Friday is up to Mike Piazza.

6 Hours of Warrior Creek mile #13... brought to you by Team Dicky.

Apparently there are only 12.5 miles at Warrior Creek, so if you see this, something is wrong.  I don't know what exactly, but just know it's wrong.

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Rob said...

Good luck with the great Schlep Dicky, I hate moving only slightly more than stinky french cheeses and brussel sprouts.