Monday, April 28

Resonance and Stealth Lamborghinis

Life is slowing becoming life again.  Just the normal stuff.  Eat, sleep, employment related work, fold laundry, ride a bike.  There's still things to be done around the house, but we're getting down to the stuff that really doesn't matter, yet makes a place a home.

I've been to the Home Depot about a half mile from my house enough times to meet all 700 employees, and I've bought and returned almost 80% of their inventory.

As we approach the finish line, I have begun to drag my feet.  Hang some blinds, watch a movie, drink a beer(s).  At this rate, things should be done in time for our Autumn Non-Party that I'm planning, to which I will invite no one, sit on my porch and watch leaves fall.

Not one, but two shake down rides on the VerDickgo Meatplow V.7 set up and ready for PMBAR this weekend... strangely enough, both rides with my PMBAR (not life) partner, Zac.  At the BYT, I managed to go off of a drop that I haven't had the gumption for previously.  New bike balls.  They're good for that.

And Sunday was too perfect to not go to the mountains.

Kürdt, Bill Nye and Zac... all crammed into the Honda Fit of Rage with four bikes and at least one person experiencing pre-poop gas issues all the way there.

photo cred: Bill Nye
Zac was aboard his new Fattimagic steed of his own creation.

I have inappropriately flipped the image as Zac does not know that proper bike photo taking etiquette dictates that single shots of a bike always be taken from the drive side.  I actually hate when advertising type people flip bikes in ad copy because it looks better in the layout not knowing that it drives people who actually ride bikes and have brains insane. 
But I can do it here, because... burrito.

Zac and I are a much better match on the descents now that he is no longer riding a rigid, V-brake equipped, 26" wheeled Jamis Diablo.  And by "better match," I mean that he is dusting me on all but the wide open descents with no chance of precarious, over-the-edge tumbles.

So as of right now, Zac is on a semi-tested machine with fresh built wheels and some newish parts.  I'm on a bike that is sorta new and pretty well tested.  Neither one of us is sick, both of us have minor injuries associated with being alive, and we're in a decent place mentally and almost physically.

Could this be our big year... a return to the PMBAR "podium?"

There never was an actual podium back in the years in which I woulda managed to get on it with Elk and Thadsoopial, but I would consider it a return nonetheless.


Rob said...

Zac's new ride is sweet, wrong side or not...

Zac Avant said...

I am aware of the circa 1965, Campy-nestaliga bike photo rule. The thing is the bikes of our fathers were all about the drivetrain as their dogma suggests.

A single speed mountain bike is not a 2D form on a flat plane and It’s braking mechanisms are equally integral to it’s performance and beauty is it’s drive mechanism.

What I am saying is documentation of a sculpture in space is valid from all angles and I did not build a left side drive.

Dr. Brett said...

If you create a "28 1/4" er with left hand drive, you will take the En duro world by storm!!

Johnboy said...