Tuesday, May 13

Changing, Bar None

A post like yesterday's...

Bound to happen, especially when you spend the weekend completing tasks as hugely important and mentally engaging as sorting and organizing your recycled ziploc bags.

That happened.  I can not make that up, and if I could, why would I?

But then, something interesting (to me) happens (to me).  Not one, but two happy arrivals at the door.

After years and years and years and years and years of making black socks, Swiftwick has finally branched out into a world of color like a rainbow in the dark.  The Aspire line is now available in pink, green, red, blue and purple in the Zeros, Fours and Twelves.  I've only been bitching for I don't know how long that it's getting harder and harder to be different (like everyone else) in my black socks.  I can finally color coordinate with my Awesome Straps.

And yes, I have a green strap as well, and I will be swapping them until my laziness defeats my sense of color coordination.

They're Swiftwicks, they're in full blazing color, and they're my size, but yet they still earned my Seal of Semi-Approval.

Zeros (can't see them) and Twelves (not my bag) and Fours... but no Sevens.  I feel faster with the extra three inches of Olefin climbing to a point just under my calves, but not with eight more inches going to a point just south of my patella.  No Sevens... for now.  Until then, more bitching.

But I do love the color though.  Brighter than Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson's love child.

The other thing that has me much stoked (no, the two things weren't both socks).

As if I didn't have a hard enough time figuring out what to do with all those Thomson seat post bags, now I have an even more ridiculously long cloth bag to re-purpose.   It's almost long enough to use as a broom handle cover, which would be handy only if I was single and had a broom that never got used and I wanted to keep it from getting dusty... but I have none of those concerns.


Just rewards for fifth place overall at PMBAR a little over a week ago.  I coulda had any bar that Thomson makes, but this is the one I chose.

Like, say for example, I gave two shits about road bike cycling or cross racing type endeavors.  I coulda got this for the Fjire Mjare:

But I just don't care about such things.

My heart told me to get these:

Titanium.  So expensive.  So desirable.  So chi chi.  So heavy compared to carbon.

Had I chose a different, non-crabon crank and finally cajoled Rody into making me a ti fork, I woulda got these just so I could cut all forms of crabon from my bike.  Those things can't happen, so my ego and general sense of snobbiness was not appealed to (enough to choose the ti bars).  It wasn't easy though.

I got the crabon bars.  Boring, I know.  Replacing crabon with more crabon.  Not like anyone's gonna notice these anyways, being that they'll be behind a number plate for the next four weeks.

But they match the stem and a certain sense of order has been obtained by the recent procurement.  Almost makes me want to try a 27.2 Thomson post and ditch the ti post to complete the Triumverant of Thomson, but only almost.


Ken Graham said...

You do have the Thomson clamp to go with the Thomson post, correct?

dicky said...

Doh. No. Thanks for pointing out that Triumvant of Thomson is actually the Qaudivant.. or something.

Big E said...

WTF!? Where are the giant Ziploc baggies? I'm feeling slighted...

Anonymous said...

i so would have went with titaniummmmmmmm!

on on

dicky said...

Big E,

The giant Ziploc bags are stored in a giant blue bin of death and pulled out only in extreme circumstances.