Monday, May 12

(not-so) Enduro™ Weekend

I would love to write about some incredible ride that I went on this past weekend, but the two times that I got in the saddle, I ended up in Kürdt's backyard approximately five miles from my front yard.

photo cred: Nik Fedele
A shed building party.  When your best option for weekend entertainment and a ride destination is someone's backyard, that's a special (rainy) weekend for sure.  Saturday, I left the house early with the intentions of being helpful.  With the guidance of those who knew how to assemble wooden structures, I spent the morning touching wood, swinging hammers and getting in the way.  The rest of the day was quickly lost to home improvements... the upside of anal compulsion is that shit gets done.  Maybe not important shit, maybe not even remotely time worthy shit, but shit nonetheless.

Sunday was more of the same, just in a different order and with much less gusto.  More piddling around the house, followed by a window of opportunity for some road miles.  I headed towards Kürdt's house to see how the shed turned out since I left early the day before, and somehow never made it any further.  I hammered approximately nine nails wearing lycra and a helmet, picked up bent nails, and discussed cleat position and beet juice for an hour.

Then it was back home for more mindless tasking.

The only big news of the weekend is that it looks like I get to do this in a few weeks:
Or as I like to call it,
I didn't think it would be possible to race the weekend after I get back from the Trans-Sylvania Epic, but I talked to The Pie, told her about the weekend family camping opportunities at Camp Grier (right in Old Fort, NC) at the finish line...

Done deal (weather dependent).  I don't expect the family would be too keen on a weekend of camping if the chances of the "R" word are more than 60-70%.  Camping is one thing, but aquatic activities should be limited to the pool and lake and should never involve sitting on wet sleeping pads and bailing out the tent floor.

I will have to decide which class to race this year.  Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever added a Single Speed and a "Hard Ass" (hard tail frame and rigid fork) class to the mix.  I will have just gotten done with seven days of rigid fork immersion in Pennsylvania, so that plus my lack of desire to losing any more of my time this year to fork swaps has me leaning towards "Hard Ass."

But Pisgah sure is fun with 140mm...

I'm not good with options.  You should see me at a Mexican restaurant.

A bigger decision will be whether or not to Skinsuit to Winsuit and/or carry my Pringles can sound system so everyone can enjoy some Hall and Oates with me (again).

photo cred: Eric Wever

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Sir Chico Demonte III said...

I've seen you at a Mexican restaurant, it is somewhat infuriating. Just get the damn "special dinner" you know that's what you are going to end up with anyway.