Friday, May 23

On the road to the TSEpic

The last few weeks have netted some positive results.

All the flavors that Pisgah Productions has to offer.  Gold, silver, and... black.

There have been negative results as well.  I'm about 7% recovered from the almost 23 hours of racing in Pisgah over the last three weeks.  My legs just aren't there.  Nothing I can do about that.  Hopefully nine hours in the car will cure me.

My bike.

Pretty much an overhaul.  Aired out the wheel bearings and regreased the freehub.  Pulled the seals off the bottom bracket, cleaned and repacked.  Rigid crabon frok on and Thomson drooper removed.

The second weekend in April was the last time I rode rigid and the start of all drooper-all the time riding.  I've gotten quite used to the drooper post, and it has so many advantages, but that's not how I want to do TSEpic.  Well, except for Enduro™ day.  I'll have a drooper on the  Dickstickel Meatplow V.6, because why would I ride around with my seat down all day (like I did last year) if I don't have to?  It did cross my mind that if I wanted to even try to be competitive all week long it would be better to just ride a bike setup similar to what I've used in the last three events, but I won't... because... I don't know why.  It will be interesting to be back on a rigid frok the first time... on Sunday... when the race starts.

I slept like shit Monday night because my bike looked like the above picture when I went to bed.  I was awake almost every half hour staring at the clock.  I've been waking up early this whole week to pack and prep so as not to limit family time in the evenings.  I got a stress related cold sore on Wednesday.  Things are great.

I should have been more relaxed.  I started preparing weeks ago.

Carey Lowery approved dietary provisions... I think.  Missing are some vegetarian protein options that are in the fridge.  Enough for seven days of racing?  Dunno.
Important support items have been arriving every few days.

Chain Shine... and something that if you were a FaceFriend of mine you would know I was looking for something like this for awhile.

Most chain cleaners require some slack in the chain to work (like a derailleur would offer), but won't work on a single speed.  I know there are other ways to clean a chain, but no brush can touch the efficiency of a cleaner.

Lotsa moving parts, but basically all the brushes (five of them) are gear driven and the chain runs over a toothed wheel to get them all moving.  I'll get at least seven chances to use it in the very near future.  As far as the Chain Shine goes, I've only heard good things so far.  We'll see next week.  This is all an effort to spend less time at the bike wash and more time doing nothing.

More That Butt Stuff... because riding a rigid hardtail in Central Pennsylvania is harsh on the nether regions.  I've been free of saddle sores for quite some time, and I intend to keep it that way.

Proprietary equipment.  If you're running something that might be hard to replace, bring extra.  32 tooth direct mount Race Face Next SL ring... because if I fold one, I'm screwed.  The Enduro™ setup is using an Endless Bike The 1 Ring, so no worries there.

I'm leaving this afternoon and turning things off here until I get back.  I'm looking forward to riding my bike, seeing old friends, and not staring at a computer screen.  Human interactions IRL.  Like a vacation, but with more bruises.

And one more thing.  If you are attending the TSEpic, be sure to read your race bible.  There's something new on page three YOU SHOULD KNOW.

Enjoy your Xtra Large Cheese Fish responsibly.


Elizabeth said...

I hear nine hours in the car is the best form of recovery. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Good writing this week, dicky.

Mike B.

Anonymous said...

What chain are you using?

dicky said...


Anonymous said...

The cold sore is probably related more to herpes, than it is to stress.

Just another reason not to live in Ohio...
Or mess with vaginas that have been there.