Monday, June 16


Father's Day yesterday.  Dropped the kid off at camp.  Strange.  45th birthday tomorrow.  Heading to the coast later this week.  So much riding not getting done.

I did get tackled at the alleycat race Friday night while trying to complete a forward pass of a pair of Specialized Rimes to Donald.  Word of advice, don't get in front of this for any reason:

Many beers had to be drank in order to soothe my ego.  Stomach cramps ended my evening early, and a long, painful ride home in the rain followed.  My body has been sorta wrecked for the past few weeks.  Here's to getting over that hump.

To celebrate my 45th complete year of adding to landfills and taking up space, I'm going to tag along on the Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride.  I'm sure the route has been selected and stops planned already, but I think since it's my birthday, we should go somewhere classy... like the uptown Hooters.

Yes, my only other PMTNR experience was only slightly more positive than negative, but I feel as if closing out another half decade mile mark should be done with something more significant than a plate of wilted spinach, eggs and beer.  But only slightly more significant.

And speaking of birthdays...

I've made it a habit to no longer "wish" people a happy birthday on FaceBook.  I found it annoying and tedious.  An unfortunate side effect of social media, this constant duty that would never end unless I just ended it myself.  So I did.

It wasn't you.  It was me.  I still want you to have happy birthdays, from now until forever.  I just don't want to manually wish it upon you until one of us dies.  I've terminated my end of this social contract.  I can assure you that whether or not you wish me a happy birthday, June 17th will last 24 hours just like it always does, and I will do my part to be as pleasant as possible regardless of any outside encouragement to make it "happy."

Expect one quality post later this week and little else before I drop off the grid for a few days.

Want something more entertaining in the meantime?  Read The Angry's Trans-Sylvania Epic story, which mentions me often enough that it pretty much counts as my story as well.

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