Friday, June 13

Help Me

Before I get to the more whatever related part of the post, I'm leaving on August 15th through the 23rd to go out West.  That's about as far as the plan goes.  Three of us (Bill Nye TSG and Wirun), looking to ride bikes in Colorado and Utah.  Yes, Utah... in August.  It won't be crowded.  I want to head straight to Durango, eventually pass through Moab (mostly just to do The Whole Enchilada) and end up back in Denver.  Looking for suggestions and offers of lodging/guidance/beer.  Share your ideas here, on the book of faces or email me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com.


The rest of this post is just filler.  Fluff.  Like bubble wrap for your spare time, a minor distraction for a bit and then thrown in the garbage like a limp plastic bag.

The meat of my "season" is over already.  Yes, it is June.  Summer, if you will.  A time when others are just getting to it.  What can I say?  I planned poorly (or more poorlier than usual).  In theory, my fitness (once I shake off all this fatigue) will either have to be maintained or lost.  The next thing on the agenda is the Tour de Burg, and I only need enough fitness to survive.  From there, it's Mancation, Shenandoah 100 (what am I going back for again?), Pisgah Monster Cross (why am I doing a gravel race?), Double Dare (who signed me up for that?)... maybe I sneak the Wilkesboro 100k in there if I have something left (registration opens on Jun 21st).

Seven events so far in 2014.  Six trips up to the box.  Some would call that "successful."  I call it "a high height to fall from."

The mornings are starting to heat up.  Humidity and temperatures that are debilitating.  Oppressive.  Discouraging.  Cotton shirt drenching.  Armpit swampers.  My messenger bag will soon smell like a bucket of dog urine.  My motivation to get out of the house doubly drooped on account of abysmal atmospheric conditions and a lack of anything close to a goal. 

Even though I needed to get at least one mountain bike operational before the weekend, I used what spare time I had to see if my 700X28 Tour de Burg edition tires would still keep a tube in place.  So many nicks, cuts and abrasions.  

This is the only bike I have for a 100 mile+ road stage... that I don't really want to do.  

I'd rather make sammiches with Nate.

39X16 gear and I have no idea if I can get up a gravel road on the side of the mountain with it... and no time or desire to go to a mountainous region to test it... and no money that I want to throw at the problem to fix it just for one ride.

Stupid Tour de Burg.  

Fitness.  Cookies.  Fatigue.  Beer.  Pizza.  Ambitions.  Lethargy.  Rain.  Maintenance.  Couch.

The battleground that is me. 

Why do anything when I can just do this instead?

If only I had a time machine.  I'd go back and do this and nothing else forever (thanks, DAN DURLAND):


Gary said...

Moab- (they claim to be the MTB Mecca of the world)
Chile Pepper Bikes (good people and coffee at the shop)
Coyote tours- great people, custom extended VW bus that takes you to the top (well almost to the top) of the Whole Enchilada

Visit Fruita, lots of great riding (better than Moab)

Crested Butte Colorado, lots of trails, super beautiful. (Says Moab is full of shot and they really are the MTB Mecca of the world). They get quite offended if you pronounce it Butt not Beaut. Local shop guys seem pretty cool. Hippie atmosphere, lots of wrap, coffee, and smoothie shops.

Denver- get through it at off hours. Traffic sucks, like sucks a lot

Gary said...

Also in Moab if your not looking for a super high end hotel and looking to save a few bucks. The Silver Inn, really isn't all that bad. Quiet, clean, and cheap, compared to the other hotels in the area. And within walking distance to Chile Pepper Bikes and next to Mexican food

dicky said...

We won't be in Moab long and already plan on stopping in Fruita to reenact our favorite scenes from the movie "Tread."

David Sopko said...

In Moab, Poison Spider Mesa ending on the portal trail, most epic ride of my life.

dicky said...

Did it. 2001. I'd rather do Gemini/Gold Bar again.

Anonymous said...

Call Fatty. He is buds with the folks who own the gooseberry yurt.

James Tonyan said...

Those are several fine examples of how to get down a hill on a bike.

Patrick Harrington said...

You didn't even bother to attempt to make it to Idaho.