Thursday, June 12

Things to Make Great Bike Race

I have made much bike race in the last six weeks, some great, some not so.

Many things have helped me with the making of such great bike race, none of which were a contributing factor to my not making great bike race.  That's all on me.

Things that make great bike race for me and might make great bike race for you too.


I ran the Ikon 2.35 with 3C Maxx Speed EXO TR, perhaps the most technological jargon and acronym laden tire in the Maxxis lineup, quite a bit this year.  Up front with a squish-type Fjox fjork at PMBAR and the 111/55.5 and as a rear tire at the TSEpic and Pisgah Enduro™.  It handled both duties with great aplomb, performing unexpectedly well in a myriad of conditions in Pisgah and providing a little extra cush and grip whilst riding amongst the rock strewn trails of Central PA.

No flats at TSEpic.  That, in and of itself, is some kind of Christmas miracle.

Cycling garb.

My favorite jersey ever, the Twin Six Standard (shown here with factory installed optional sleeves).

The jersey I had been lusting after (and bugging Twin Six to make) for years.  They come in colors other than black... I don't know why.  Mesh'esque, race fit, full zip, silicone waist gripper, and pockets that coddle whatever I stuff in them.  Accommodating pockets.

I've got this crammed in my middle pocket but you can hardly tell:

Amazed?  You should be.  Anyways, The Standard is my go-to good luck jersey.  I love it and would race solely wearing it had I not all these burdensome sponsor related responsibilities. Besides, black is slimming which means I don't have to worry about losing those last few pounds in order to look like I'm at race weight.

I used Chain Shine every day at the TSEpic.

It worked.  Quicker than straight degreaser and it left me with a totally clean chain ready for fresh lube of either sort (ProLink or Xtreme) depending on conditions.  Other than the fact that I wish it were in a spray bottle (it soon will be in my world), it's perfect.

The Thomson Drooper.

Gawt-damn.  I can't stop using it... but I had to.  I've become sorta dependent on this piece of technology.  Either with the rigid crabon frok or Fjox fjork, it just doesn't matter.  It changes how I ride.  Sadly, my 27.2 was a prototype and is on its way back to Thomson so they can look at it... because that's part of the prototype thing.  I have placed an order for a 30.9 specifically for the VerDickgo Meatplow V.7 and will patiently wait until I can get my hands on a 27.2 for my Dickstickel Meatplow V.6.  I'm partially hoping I can swap between my ti post and the drooper depending on what I'm doing, but the Tour de Burg and Shenandoah 100 coming up?  Drooper time.

And lastly but not leastly, my Vertigo Bike Racing Device.

I love this bike... because when I'm riding it, I don't think about it.  It feels just right, nothing to complain about, super groovy in all situations.  The bike that will keep me from buying a new bike for awhile.... except for maybe a Sturmey Archer 3-speed coaster brake equipped townie with track bike geometry.

Does anyone already make that?  Seems silly to dump custom dollars into a townie.

But I want what I want.

Mandatory product endorsements over.


Anonymous said...

What??? No mention of Backcountry swag?

dicky said...

Backcountry what?

I think they get plenty of words here. Wanted to mention some stuff that hasn't been covered lately.

But yes, be Awesome and all that.

Robert Clark said...

Totally agree about the 2.35 Ikon

Anonymous said...

Didn't see a sleeveless on the T6 website....