Friday, June 27

I should just stop eating Mexican altogether

That thing I said I wasn't going to do... well, I did it anyways.

I was only going to borrow the 27.2 drooper from the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 when I felt like the VerDickgo Meatplow V.7 needed it.  That is, until Thomson got around to making a Bluetooth drooper, and then I was going to make that happen.  Bluetooth would mean an easy swap between a ti post and a drooper.  No discarded zip-ties falling to the floor, three at a time... wasteful.  Easy swaps mean that I can change it back and forth multiple times in the days leading up to an event with great haste.  Brilliant.

But then there was no drooper in my life at all.

The 27.2 prototype went back to Thomson.  I was drooperless and heading to the Tour de Burg in just weeks.  Production 27.2 posts may or may not be available before then.  Panic set in.

I decided it was better to (eventually) have two droopers than no droopers.  I like riding with one that much.  I tossed my money at the problem and ordered a 30.9 post.  The Luddite in me, the same one that bought a Hopey damper for my rigid single speed back in 2006 only to instantly regret the decision and take it off without ever using it, is wincing (note that those three things occurred over three days).  The Thomson Elite Drooper is a beautiful piece of hardware (save for the hideous third cable added to my cockpit), but it doesn't compare to the perfect simplicity of either my MOOTSpost or the Eriksen Sweetpost.

And I don't want to lose that all-important (to me) skill of being able to ride with a regular post... in the same way I don't want to lose my rigid frok skills by riding too much squish.  A conundrum that would probably only perplex me and no others.  Some would say it's becoming a pointless skill set, but the beauty of riding a simple machine in the woods?  If I had to explain it, I would just draw a picture instead.

Now the only struggle left is whether or not to ride rigid at the Tour de Burg or mount the Pike up front.  I have a feeling that I'm just going to stick with the rigid frok based on everything that went down at the Trans-Sylvania Epic.  This is definitely more of a "man vs trail" than a race-type event for me.

I don't leave for Harrisonburg for four days... enough time to swap things around at least three more times.  Perfect.


Bill Nye said...

150mm at the beach. Rigid in the mountains. Sure. Why not?

Vertigo Cycles said...

Is that an O-ring that's sort of lazily placed near the top of the seat clamp?

dicky said...

An O-ring and about 7oz of excess Park grease.

Doug Mayer said...

I sometimes feel like I have a bunch of nice/neat parts to make into bikes for a particular season or event, rather than a bunch of rigidly defined bikes. I see I'm not the only one with that 'problem'. Tinker on! #kludgelife

Anonymous said...

They make medications for ADHD...or smoking pot helps some people.

Anonymous said...

You like tinkering more than Juarez. Wish you would make up your mind.