Friday, July 18

Where the buffalo (don't) roam

Does it bother me that the Single Speed World Championships are happening up in Anchorage this weekend and I'm not there?

I don't know.

Money was a problem... or at least the concept of money.  It woulda been a $1,500 trip, and I think that's being conservative.  I have it.  I just didn't know if I wanted to part with it.  I've really been eying some ASSOS bibs and a cute riding blouse from Rapha.

Time was a problem.  I had this year all figured out, as far as paid time off goes.  Then plans changed and I'm left with five days in 2014, but then it all goes back to problem #1.  I still need to figure out what to do with that time, but that's a great problem to have.

Timing was a real problem.  Between The Pie and I, this is a hectic time of year, as far as plans go.  I'm coming home and she's going out the door.  Something has to give.  Regardless of how it may seem, I enjoy her company and miss her when the revolving door of summer shows up.

So yes, it will pain me slightly to not be there... made even worse by my FaceBook feed, but at least I'm there in spirit (and in the commemorative literature).

Fingershop edited

I knew I would regret that tattoo someday.  Still need to get it filled in... thinking flesh tones.

So I anxiously await the announcement of the 2015 SSWC venue.  I know Crested (Fucking) Butte wants it.  Seeing this image of Dejay being plied with liquor though, I have a feeling that Slovenia knows the way to put the finger on the scales of justice.

I promised myself I would always go if it hit US soil... not knowing at the time that I mean contiguous US soil.  Fingers crossed, but I realize this is an event with international flavor, and it can't always be about US.

But it should be.  We invented cool (actually we stole the idea, patented it and made millions through merchandising and endorsements).

Somehow... just somehow, I think we will end up at Dejay's next bucket list location. 

Also this weekend, USA Cycling MTB Championship racing... somewhere in too many hours away bumblefuck PA.  I wanted to go to this as well.  Not that I have any love for USAC.  I just liked the idea of hanging out, cheering on friends, seeing people I haven't seen in awhile, drinking beer... maybe ride my bike once or twice.  Less of a #1 or #2 problem, mostly #3.  

And then there's some XC racing action going on up in Woolwine, (Bovine or something) VA.   Sam and Jordan from The Hub/Pisgah Tavern are going


Jordan is always pleasant company.

Sam knows the exact right moment to bring man nipple to the party.

They are stopping to see Watts on the way, and he haz something I wants.

They always have extra beer.

I've never ridden in that part of VA and the entry fees are so 1998.

But back to problem #3 and something else of much excite about today that will probably change my weekend anyways.

So a blog post that's 99% about what I'm not doing and 1% about something that appears to be mysterious but will actually be mundane to anyone but me.

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