Wednesday, August 27

2014 Westward Ho Before Bros Mancation: Days Five and Six

The original Durango plan was for a Kennebec shuttle run with Hermosa Tours.  Matt McFee said he had something better for us.  Scoopage from the Siesta Motel at 7:45.

Some breakfast burritos and bagel sammiches later, we're in the big van headed up the road to the top of Hermosa Creek.  On the way up, Matt told us about the lighter side of giving tours and providing shuttle services, permitting... the kinda stuff I like to know about, if just so I can keep some slight ethereal connection to some part of "the industry."  Upon our arrival, we left that van and headed up the road in another, yet slightly more burly, van up to the start of Blackhawk Pass.

It was a sick ride up to the old mine.  Two point turns in the switchbacks, looking straight down the mountain out the side windows, chunky nasties that required all the four wheel drive.  WIRUN LOVED IT!!!

At the top (somewhere up above 11,000 feet), we were dropped off and heading up some more.  Wirun almost needed to stop and lighten his load, but he kept down his breakfast like a champ...

and soldiered on.

photo cred: Matt McFee 
Up and up.  The scenery... was okay.

photo cred: Matt McFee
There were some definite Breck Epic'esque moments on the climb.  Hike-a-bike and big mountain views.

But eventually, we reached the pass and our ultimate goal.  We met a couple thru-hikers up there, and they offered us "some Irish."  I thought it looked like pee in a plastic bottle, but it turned out to be whiskey.

And then down... like really far down.  We started above the treeline... not my favorite place to be, what with my acute and irrational acrophobia.  Eventually, we were zipping through the trees and in my East Coast comfort zone.

photo cred: Matt McFee
Riding in and amongst Colorado's State Weed.

Such a sweet (and sometimes insanely fast downhill) followed by a chocolate milk creek crossing and we were back at van one... which was nicely stocked with Ska Brewing liquids.

photo cred: Matt McFee
After a few happy cans, it was back to the Siesta Motel, coffee (I needed to rally), then to Ska Brewing for their TWO FOR ONE TUESDAYS... and then Matt said we couldn't leave town without going to the El Rancho Tavern.

Somewhere over the course of our time spent with Matt, he told us that Moab was experiencing unseasonably cool temps for the next few days.  Moab was in our original plan, scrapped for no plan, and then forgotten in the Crested Butte plan.  Now it's back in.  The Whole Enchilada will be had.

A late and somewhat painful night was had with much laughter and penis jokes.

Up the next day with oh-so familiar swollen heads and on our way to Moab.

I arranged for us to stay at the very (not) scenic and (not so) peaceful Canyonlands Campground, based on the fact that I'd stayed there before, it's in town, cheap, and convenient.  Checked in, hammocks hung, tent assembled, we headed to Amasa Back.

Matt had told us about all the new Hymasa and Captain Ahab improvements since the last time I was there.  We sampled some new with the old.

Wirun attempted to give himself a no-drooper vasectomy.

Rest assured, his twig still has its berries... or so he told me.

All the way to the overlook at the top of Amasa, and a variety of different stuff on the way back down.  We sampled some Captain Ahab.

By far, some of the most creative trail building I've ever seen... using massive amounts of rocks and whatnot.  Just impressive.

Yet another ride with no pack.  It's not like I broke a sweat.

And then back to camp, Moab Brewery...

back to camp again finally for some hammock time... listen to some female campers cackle and sing the soundtrack to Grease until some time after 10:00PM... 6:00AM alarm for a 7:15AM shuttle to The Whole Enchilada.


EndlessBikeCo. said...

I thought the Colorado state weed was...weed. ;)

dicky said...

Weed is Colorado's #1 tourist attraction.

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Moab, love parts of the whole enchilada .