Thursday, September 11

I wasn't lying

My "dream bike" I mentioned.  I meant it.

Except it's not a dream.  It's reality.  I now haz it.

I couldn't get chrome like I wanted, so the only other option that could be considered was blackity black.  It was in stock at my LBS, I went in, and bought it (after much thought and consideration and research and self-justification).  Took it home and started tearing it apart.

I would finally get to use my limited edition stainless steel Cane Creek 110 that I've been sitting on for years.

Which surprisingly wasn't noticeably heavier than the POS OEM loose ball headset that was a bear to remove.

Starting weight:

After swapping some C+ parts for some B- parts I had in various bins and boxes:

A pound and a half for $0.  Easiest weight savings ever.

Why on earth would I want this in my life?

Simple.  I've got four bikes; two blinglespeeds and two fixed gear/brakeless.  All clipless.  I wanted something I can just hop on and go.  Normal shoes and a helmet.  To the grocery store, to Faster Mustache meetings, to events of an imbibing nature.  Something I don't really care much about or have too much money invested in.  Something that, after a hard endurance race, perhaps I can go to work and still easily recover.

My only issue* now is that I have way more pairs of clipless shoes than I do normal.  All my pedestrian footwear is either sandal/flip-flop oriented or worn-out running shoes.

I'll admit, the timing of this purchase had me thinking...

So many reasons to and not to.

In the end, I think my decision has been made for me.  I've not built up a $400 bike in awhile, let alone stuck a headset probably worth half its value into it.  My other issue.*  Dat headtube.  It needs faced.  I've got binding issues past 3:00 and 9:00.  I'm gonna have to do something about it before I ride it too much...

Of course I'm riding it to work today.  I need to start learning my coaster brake track stands ASAP for the derby at SSCBWC 2015.

Sad and happy that it won't see gravel on Saturday.  Sad because it would have made a neat story, happy because I spent my medical co-pay money on a coaster brake equipped bike.


Anonymous said...


dicky said...

I know all about conversions and 50/50 pedals, but that doesn't solve any problems. I still have two fixed gears (not gonna ride them on platforms) and two blinglespeeds (not gonna leave them locked up outside an evening establishment).

Anonymous said...

Do what i do...Pull the cleats off of your worn out sneaker style clipless shoes and use them on your flat pedals and local ball courts. some $1 flip-flops, 1$ neon shades, a $1.99 tallboy in your favorite flavor of Pabst, and enjoy fitting in with the other tallywhackers riding coaster brake.
Don't forget..shave the bottom 3" inches of hair off of your head and slick the top back with Vaseline.

Anonymous said...

You need tighter pants.

Anonymous said...

Same anonymous as before...and podium pants don't count. Daily wear only.

Mike B.

john parker said...

needs a basket-