Thursday, October 16

Getting Munga'ed On

Unless you were hiding under a rock, you already know that The Munga was canceled.

Of course, you mighta been hiding under a rock that was just one rock under a pile of other, much larger rocks and not even know what The Munga is (was).  It was going to be a (mostly) self-supported, (sorta mountain bike oriented) non-stop, (unless you want to) two man team, 1,000km race in South Africa.

(actual course map)
Oh yeah, with a million dollar purse.

Several people suggested that I form an alliance with another "internet famous" single speeding individual and try to KickStart our $10,000 entry fee (and expenses). Plausible.  I'd get some social media support from those still within the "industry insider douchebag" circle that still acknowledge my presence, promise that if we win the $100,000 underdog prize (natch), I will match all the KickStarter funds with a donation to some noble bike related charity... what could go wrong?

Yes, the race is a big commitment.  1,000km ain't no joke, especially when you've never done something like that before.  But I'd figure that out.

I had other issues.  Before I decide to do an event, I think everything through.  When I plunk down my (or in this case, your) money, I've got the logistics planned out from my door, there, and back.  I know at times it may not seem that way, but I always have a plan for everything... aside from the racing part.  It always sorts itself out.

I had a hinky feeling about the race though.  The same way I felt about that stage race in Fernie that fell apart and sent Tinker Juarez off in disgust looking for a place to fish as opposed to finishing the race.  Not everything added up, so the idea of asking people for money, training, arranging travel, vaccinations, equipment acquisition...

The fact that no one was taking credit for ponying up the prize money?

"We’ve got a consortium of private South African business investors, keen cyclists themselves… the main guy is the chairman of a South African listed company and they may or may not bring their corporate brand to the race."

Warning flag number one.  

I bailed on the idea pretty early on.  I'm not kidding myself.  I woulda needed to partner up with someone much more motivated than me to pull off the whole "asking people to pay for my fun" thing.  Not my style, but neither is coming up with $5,000 plus some expensive travel plans just to do a bike race (with no singletrack?).

So now the race is over (postponed till next year when the money fairy comes to town), and way more people than I woulda imagined are left pretty disappointed.  I can only imagine.  Sorta like hearing that there are cookies in the breakroom, but when you get there, all that's left are crumbs on a festive serving tray.

But probably a lot worse.

Maybe next year, guys.  How long are those vaccines good for?

No post tomorrow.  More sorting of gear and sleeping before the Double Dare.  Being that I'll be racing up to 24 hours over a 36 hour period and driving home, unloading the car, and passing out... no guarantees on Monday either.

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